A lifetime ago. Comedy Drama

A lifetime ago. Comedy Drama
О книге

The story of one family shown in four generations. Love, friendship, choice, disappointment. Our heroes will go through everything and make their own reasonable conclusions, some of which are likely to surprise you greatly.

Книга издана в 2024 году.

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A comedy drama in two acts

The characters





Elizabeth (Lisa)







Action 1

Scene 1

Denis. Mom, Dad, bab! Drop all your business, please pay attention for a moment!

Xiang. Hello.

Denis. This is Xiang, please meet me. She's Chinese. She came to us to share her experience, works at our company. He speaks a little Russian. I haven't told you about her before, I wanted to surprise you. We've been dating for a long time, we love each other and decided to get married!

Nikolai. A....

Daria. Hmm…

Xiang. Autumn is pleasant to meet.

Elizabeth. This is for you for not being baptized!

Daria. Mom, don't push it! I… um… yes… it is… Pum-Pum-Pum… Pshh… yeah… Unexpected!

Nikolay. Well, welcome! Just in time for lunch. Set the table, Dasha! Denis, come on, come with Xiang, have a seat. Let's eat, talk, figure out who's who.

Half a century before that…

Scene 2

Fedor. Lizka? Liza, where are you? Oh, I'll find it, I'll kick my ass. Why are the dishes still not washed? What did I tell you to do?

Anastasia. Fyodor, why are you making such a fuss about her?

Fedor. Yes, what is it? Look out there! The dishes in the sink were still there. Liza! Come on, I say!

Liza. Why do I always have to wash? I washed it last time, now let Yasha wash it, or Katka.

Anastasia. Katya has been weeding since the morning, Yasha has brought water to the bathhouse, and picked herbs for the chickens. It's all about business, you're the only one doing nothing.

Fedor. You don't seem to understand much else, daughter. The fact that brother and sister are in business is one thing. There is another point that is more important. My parents said that's it! The law! That's how it should be! Do not dare to argue and bicker. The mother? Where is the belt, it would be necessary to flog the girl for the benefit of the common cause.

Anastasia. Okay, Fed, don't get mad. A girl, after all, and a little one too. She already understood everything. Isn't that right, Lisa? Do you understand?

Liza. Yes, I understand, I understand. I'll wash it now.

Fedor. You babysit them, Nastyusha, you love them painfully, but you regret it. And yet there is folk wisdom! And it says this: If you don't punish your children, you will be punished yourself! From! Not fools have preserved such a legend for centuries.

Anastasia. Who's arguing, Fedya. It is necessary to punish, it is necessary, but not every time with a belt to banter. Besides, your hand is heavy. As soon as you take a bite, my heart squeezes. At least feel sorry for me.

Fedor. What are you saying? Do you think I don't like them? Do you think I'm just taking my anger out? I love you, I love you so much! And I will turn anyone's head for them, regardless of whether they are right or not. But there are immutable, primordial positions! Children should know about the inevitable punishment, otherwise they will get rid of it, then it will be too late.

Anastasia. But am I saying that you don't love me? Of course you do, see how they reach out to you. Sometimes I'm surprised. You don't talk to them, and it's like they even respect you more than they respect me. At least I'm for them… Oh, that's right…

Fedor. It always happens that way. If you start to bend, they won't put you in anything at all. How did my father raise me? Almost like that, the rods were used. And he didn't whip ours as much as I did. He was broader in the shoulders, had a bigger swing and applied himself thoroughly. In this sense, he was not modest. So I always knew that if I got it, then it's for the cause! My father was rude, but fair. And all six of us children respected him, and the neighbors all respected him. And when they were buried, there were so many kind words spoken. Yes, you've heard it yourself.

Anastasia. I heard it. They really loved him. Appreciated.

Fedor. That's it!

Anastasia. Yes… yes…

Fedor. Well, what about the dishes, Liza? Did you wash it?

Liza. I washed it! The water is painfully cold. I would have washed it earlier, just waiting for it to warm up a little.

Anastasia. But why do you look at your brother and sister at once? I would have said so right away. And that's why I started it…

Fedor. And the fact that the water is cold is nothing. It is necessary to harden the body. How did women always wash things in the river? That's where my hands are freezing. And those that live by mountain rivers? Almost ice floes sometimes float nearby. Nothing, they're rubbing rag on rag, where to go. There is a word to be said. You are this word in all its essence, daughter, write it down and refer to it more often! Do you understand?

Lisa. Got it, Dad. I will try.

Fedor. That's it. Order. Are we going to have lunch today or what?

Anastasia. I'll put it on the table now. Call the children.

Fedor. Yasha! Katya? Let's go inside! It's time for lunch!

Liza. EAT!

Yasha. I'm here.

Fedor. Come on, son, wash up, sit down at the table, we'll have lunch.

Yasha. I'm not hungry.

Anastasia. Why aren't you hungry? Have you picked up any vegetables in the garden?

Katya. I picked it up. On someone else's, and. While I was weeding, I saw him and Mitka jumping over the fence to Baba Nadia

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