A Trick Of The Tales

A Trick Of The Tales
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The lyrics are a series of short-novels all inspired by the lyrics of Genesys songs. The stories are an elaborate fantasy transformation in the light of imaginary projections induced by listening to some Genesys songs (and reading their lyrics).

”Wind and Wuthering”,  ”Duke” and ”a Trick of the Tail ” are the albums of Genesis whose songs inspired these novels. Some of them intertwine with each other, others live their own lives. 

All the result of those fantasy plots that each of us carries with us and that the music of Genesis manages, inevitably, to make alive.

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1st English edition - Cover: Golden dawn - © Rosario Rizzo licensed by Fotolia.it

Vincenzo Mercolino

A Trick Of The Tales

Short novels inspired by lyrics of Genesis songs

Translated by Samad Mammadov

© Vincenzo Mercolino 2020

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