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Years ago, Canyon Westmoreland let misunderstandings come between him and Keisha Ashford.But when Keisha returns to town with a two-year-old son, it’s time to settle things once and for all.A blazing attraction still burns between them and, this time around, nothing will stop Canyon from claiming Keisha and his child!


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From New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson comes a new trilogy starring three Westmorelands…

Years ago, Canyon Westmoreland let misunderstandings come between him and Keisha Ashford. But when Keisha returns to town with a two-year-old son, it’s time to settle things once and for all. A blazing attraction still burns between them, and this time around, nothing will stop Canyon from claiming what is his—his woman and his child!

Praise for New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Brenda Jackson

“Brenda Jackson writes romance that sizzles

and characters you fall in love with.” —New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Lori Foster

“Jackson’s trademark ability to weave multiple

characters and side stories together makes shocking truths all the more exciting.” —Publishers Weekly

“There is no getting away from the sex appeal

and charm of Jackson’s Westmoreland family.” —RT Book Reviews on Feeling the Heat

“Jackson’s characters are wonderful, strong, colorful

and hot enough to burn the pages.” —RT Book Reviews on Westmoreland’s Way

“The kind of sizzling, heart-tugging story Brenda

Jackson is famous for.” —RT Book Reviews on Spencer’s Forbidden Passion

“This is entertainment at its best.”

—RT Book Reviews on Star of His Heart

Dear Reader,

I love writing about those Westmorelands because they exemplify what a strong family is all about, mainly the sharing of love and support. For that reason, when I was given the chance to present them in a trilogy, I was excited and ready to dive into the lives of Zane, Canyon and Stern Westmoreland.

It is hard to believe that Canyon is my twenty-fifth Westmoreland novel. It seems like it was only yesterday when I introduced you to Delaney and her five brothers. I knew by the time I wrote Thorn’s story that I just had to tell you about their cousins that were spread out over Montana, Texas, California and Colorado.

It has been an adventure and I enjoyed sharing it with you. I’ve gotten your emails and snail mails letting me know how much you adore those Westmoreland men, and I appreciate hearing from you. Each Westmoreland—male or female—is unique, and the way love conquers their hearts is heartwarming, breathtaking and totally satisfying.

In this story, Canyon is in for a shocker when he discovers his former girlfriend’s closely guarded secret. And then he has to learn to forgive a woman who has a problem with forgiving herself.

I hope you enjoy this story about Canyon and Keisha Ashford.

Happy Reading!

Brenda Jackson


Brenda Jackson

BRENDA JACKSON is a die “heart” romantic who married her childhood sweetheart and still proudly wears the “going steady” ring he gave her when she was fifteen. Because she believes in the power of love, Brenda’s stories always have happy endings. In her real-life love story, Brenda and her husband of more than forty years live in Jacksonville, Florida, and have two sons.

A New York Times bestselling author of more than seventy-five romance titles, Brenda is a recent retiree who now divides her time between family, writing and traveling with Gerald. You may write Brenda at PO Box 28267, Jacksonville, Florida 32226, USA , email her at [email protected] or visit her website at

To my husband, the love of my life and my best friend, Gerald Jackson, Sr.

To the members of the Brenda Jackson Support Team, this one is for you!

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

—Proverbs 17:22


Canyon Westmoreland was tempted to get out of the parked car and stretch his legs, but decided against it. The one thing he’d learned from watching cop shows was that when you were on a stakeout, you did nothing to give yourself away. You remained as inconspicuous as possible. And as far as he was concerned, he was on a stakeout, determined to find out once and for all why Keisha Ashford refused to give him the time of day.

He was very much aware that she hated his guts because she believed he had betrayed her with another woman. And he knew that assumption was the reason she’d left town three years ago, cutting all ties with him, and was also the reason why she felt that, upon returning to Denver, she had every right to act as if he didn’t exist.

However, he had put up with it long enough.

They were both corporate attorneys, a profession which had brought them together initially, and a profession that still placed them together on a number of occasions. Since she’d returned to Denver ten months ago, they’d sat across from each other at the negotiating table for more than one business deal. And it bothered him when she acted as if they didn’t share a past.

A number of times he had approached her about straightening things out between them, if for no other reason than so they could have closure, but she always turned him down.

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