Climate of the future. 2200 year

Climate of the future. 2200 year
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The proposed two stories suggest looking at the future in a constructive way. A few years after writing the stories, it can be said that the future is gradually becoming the present. Build in your mind new neural connections by looking at the world’s future from a different angle. April 2020.

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© Radmir and Zlata Govtva, 2023

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The stories were written in 2019. The future, 200 years elapsed, what would you like to see there? Or, in other words, suppose yourself having skipped the next 20 years, what kind of events and life you’d keep in mind to describe the previous 200 ones? Many people wrote stories in the spirit of «there appeared ramps for the disabled», «people began to fight against garbage», etc. But did anyone really dream about a wheelchair and ramps when they were children? Or did they still want be healthy? Did they really dream of helping the poor, or it would be better, nevertheless, acting in a manner that excludes the children’s starvation? The world is changing rapidly, we see it. Let’s create a future closer to what we really want. Let’s stop thinking that follows imposed patterns about salvation. The proposed two stories do suggest looking at the future in a constructive way. A few years after these stories writing, it can be said that the future is gradually becoming the present. Build in your mind new neural connections by looking at the world’s future from a different angle. Important is that the world without apocalyptic pictures will be more attractive, you’ll like it. The creative world can also be interesting and exciting, while all your loved ones being alive and going well. Since these stories are «a look at the past and present from the future», there are some points which are logical development that follows real events of the past and present. Enjoy reading!

The climate of the future with an eye on the past

Zlata Govtva

We live on the most wonderful and beautiful planet called Earth.

Yes, that’s hard to believe. Because it wasn’t always the case.

Just 200 years ago, in the midst of the 21st century, humanity and the planet were nearing the point of no return. The planet was depleted and polluted. The air was poisoned with all kinds of exhausts, viruses, and chemicals that were harmful to our health. This air sickened and killed every living thing: plants, people, animals…

The soil was depleted, contaminated with herbicides and other substances that disrupted the ecosystem. A huge part of the planet has been covered with sand. Parts of the Earth were scorched by fires or affected by high air temperatures.

But that wasn’t even the saddest part. The planet was covered in garbage and graveyards. Garbage and plastic were everywhere. In the water and on land. Animals and birds were dying as their bodies were filled with garbage.

But the most frightening thing was that the water was becoming toxic. The water simply had no time to purify itself from the effects of human activity. Due to the natural vortex, general pollution was occurring. More and more creatures were experiencing a shortage of clean water. In some regions there was no water at all. Plants, animals, birds, fish and humans all began to get sick and die. There was a favorable environment for the spread of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi, which further aggravated the situation in the world. There was a strong weakening of the immune system.

Human, bird, fish and animal bodies have been oppressed by various parasites.

Because of the felling of trees, especially in cities, the temperature has risen. After all, trees are the standing water that cools down the air. You can find shelter from the heat and comfort under the canopy of trees. Tree roots draw water from deep layers of the soil, preventing the surface layers of the earth from drying out.

In the hustle and bustle of life people did not notice the approach of the Apocalypse.

2020 brought a pandemic, a virus that stopped this run to the abyss. People were forced to reconsider things.

At first, of course, there was panic. People were disoriented. There were different reactions and measures in different countries, different people’s perception of the situation. Someone was terrified and stayed home. Someone did not believe and was in total denial.

Heads of states were unable to work out concerted action. Every city survived in its own way, not to mention the state. No one was able to effectively cope with the situation. Everyone acted according to a pattern, the old methods, but with the involvement of technology of the new reality. People did not realize at once that it was necessary to fight not with the consequence, but to solve the problem at the root. Nor did they realize right away that the social system was at a dead end and that it was time for it to be neutralized, transformed and reborn, to be followed by the rebirth of a healthy life. Indeed, humanity will have to learn to get up and walk, develop, explore the new world, find itself in it and create new things just like a small child. It is a difficult process, but it is inevitable. It was useless to bring a dying system back to life as it was only prolonging the agony.

Therefore, the understanding came that it was necessary to minimize losses during the transformation period. We realized that every cloud has a silver lining.

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