He, She and I. Play for 3 people

He, She and I. Play for 3 people
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The wife learns that she has been sharing her husband with a girl for a year. The husband behaves naturally, does not cause suspicion, but there is no doubt, he is a traitor. The wife evaluates the situation, makes sure that the information is true and makes a radical decision, which in the end suits each participant of the love triangle!

Книга издана в 2019 году.

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Для подготовки обложки издания использована художественная работа автора. Обложка книги разработана автором в дизайнерской программе и является интеллектуальной собственностью НиколаяЛакутина.

Attention! All copyrights to the play are protected by the laws of Russia, international legislation, and belong to the author. Its publication and reissue, reproduction, public performance, translation into foreign languages, changes in the text of the play when staged without the written permission of the author are prohibited. Staging of the play is possible only after the conclusion of a direct contract between the author and the theater.

A dramatic Comedy in two acts.

Duration 1 hour 40 minutes


OLYA is the wife of the hero, about 35 years old. A wise woman with regard to family beyond her years;

VLADIMIR is a husband of about 35 years. A family man, but he lives on two fronts;

GEL – a girl of about 30 years. Charming, skater, young, ambitious.



(Losing the song "from soul to Soul" or something like that to create a romantic mood, at the choice of the Director)

When you're not with me,

I want to cry,

How hard it is to walk into the light

From loneliness.

And cigarette smoke floats,

The feast is amused,

And the body is only the soul lives,

On that and keeps…

The song stops.

Vladimir sits at a table in a restaurant.

On the table is a bouquet of flowers, the order has already been brought.

Vladimir looks at his watch, smoothes his hair, straightens his shirt collar, checks his breath.

The stage runs of the Gel.

She's in a beautiful dress, heels, hair.

She stops when she sees Vladimir at the table, his back to her. She straightens her hair, her dress, checks her breath.

Elegantly slowly comes up behind.

GELYA: Good evening, darling.

Hugs Vladimir, kisses on the cheek.

The man gets up, takes a bouquet of flowers from the table, stately hands the girl. She's thrilled.

GEL: so nice. You know how to take care of girls, in this matter you have no equal. Restaurant, flowers… Adore you.

Gela goes to his chair.

Vladimir is very elegant, puts the lady in her place, pulls up a chair.

GEL: thank You.

The hero sits down in his seat, leans on the table, covers his lips with his fingers, eats Gel with his eyes.

Gel is embarrassed.

VLADIMIR: I couldn't wait to meet you… every minute without you is like an eternity…

GELYA (embarrassed): And I missed you. It's like we haven't seen each other… not three days, but a whole year!

VLADIMIR: I can't without you.

The GEL (gently): Darling…

VLADIMIR: Well, everything is ready. Ordered to your choice, I hope, will not disappoint. Pleasant dinner.

Gelya smiles tremulously.

GEL: Thank you, my good, looks very appetizing.

Dinner, exchanging anxious glances.

VLADIMIR: Where do you want to go today?

GEL: it does Not matter where, most importantly with you.

Vladimir gives the girl a tender loving look.

Gelya puts her hand on Vladimir's arm, bows her head.

GELYA: Volodya, I am so happy that I have you… With you, I finally learned what it means to be a girl… woman, that means love…

VLADIMIR: and be loved…

GEL: AND be loved… Sure.

Vladimir kisses Gele's hand.

Gelya takes out her purse, puts it on the table.

GELA: Look what I brought.

She pulls a framed photograph out of her purse. In the photo, Gel and Vladimir are somewhere in the Park.

Vladimir carefully takes the photo.

VLADIMIR (not too delighted): are We with you? Hold on… from where? How?

GELYA: this photo was taken a year ago, when we were just starting to meet. Look at the confused looks we have here. It is immediately clear that none of us has yet decided whether to continue the relationship or not. You look completely different now…

VLADIMIR: I don't remember that… And how are you… we're here together? Who was the photographer?

GEL: This photo came out as if by accident. A friend saw us in the Park and took a picture, then to show me as compromising evidence and arrange an interrogation "de facto"…

VLADIMIR: What did you tell her?

GELYA: I said that I think I met the man of my dreams. That everything is so timid, tender and beautiful, that it probably does not happen and that it probably all seems to me.

Vladimir attentively listens, disapprovingly looks at a photo.

GELYA: I really never met such men as you. And now we've been together a year, and I still feel shy when I meet you, like I'm seventeen and going on my first date. So cool…

VLADIMIR: a photo…

GEL: (interrupts): Photo I asked to throw me, kept it in a file. And the other day I printed it out, put it in a frame. Today I decided to show it to you. Lovely, isn't it?

VLADIMIR (trying not to show his disapproval): Yeah… suddenly. So we were caught…

GELYA: Yes throw, what the difference who that???? and that will think. The main thing is that we are together.

VLADIMIR: Yes, Yes… of course we're together.

There is a slight pause.

VLADIMIR: did you tell her?

GELYA: That you are married? Not right away. About a couple of months.

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