Knights of Darkness. Wolfe's Diary

Knights of Darkness. Wolfe's Diary
О книге

Continuation of the fantastic trilogy Knights of darkness. Wolfe's diary tells us about this character.

Книга издана в 2021 году.


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Chapter 1 about me (5ldp)

Hello everyone! My name is Wolfe. I am an engineer pilot of the 56th battalion, one of the best engineer pilots of our battalions. And there are seven hundred of them! This is a very large figure. And among all, being the best is a great honor and honor.

Chapter 2. Transfer to the forty-first battalion

One day I was called by General Inkrald, of course I thought that he would lead me to the forty-first battalion, but I was not sure about it. Usually soldiers and the best fighters were left there. And then the pilot engineer, so I immediately gave up this idea and began to think why I was to him, but without thinking twice, I decided to go to him. When I came, he said to me, "Wolf, you are the best pilot engineer of all our battalions, for all your merits, I want to transfer you to the experimental, best, forty-first battalion. Agree? "Of course I agreed, because it's such an honor to become a fighter of the forty-first special battalion. Of course I'm not the first one there. There are already more than 50 people there, and among them are my friends Mize and Saifz. The general showed me my cabin and it was much better than ordinary soldiers' cabins.

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