Love So Tender: Taking Care of Business / Play It Again, Elvis / Good Luck Charm

Love So Tender: Taking Care of Business / Play It Again, Elvis / Good Luck Charm
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It's now or neverThese three women can't help falling in love… Vegas styleGracie Sergeant hires black-haired, sultry Steve Mulcahy as the new "Elvis" for her Las Vegas wedding chapel - not realizing he's an undercover FBI agent out to nab a mob boss at his upcoming nuptials. Or that Steve's secret weapon is all in the hip.Alyssa Reynolds is trying to conjure up The King in a backroom seance at her Elvis memorabilia shop when Brett Neale walks into her store. With his hypnotic blue eyes, Brett is Elvis - or he will be once she helps him win Vegas's American Idol-style Elvis Legacy contest.Stand-up comic Ellie Evans is determined to keep her relationship with comedy writer Charlie Webster strictly professional - in spite of the attraction. But just when Charlie's about to check into the Heartbreak Hotel, he gets personal advice on how to make his moves… from The King himself.Three romantic novellas that could only happen in Vegas.

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Stephanie Bond

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Jo Leigh

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Joanne Rock

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Taking Care of Business

Stephanie Bond

Play It Again, Elvis

Jo Leigh

Good Luck Charm

Joanne Rock

Taking Care of Business

Stephanie Bond


FBI SPECIAL AGENT Steve Berringer sat in a loaner SUV studying the Taking Care of Business wedding chapel, a fireball of apprehension in his stomach. He’d walked into some of the most seedy bars, basements, betting parlors and brothels in Las Vegas with his weapon drawn and expecting the worst, but none of those places had put a sweat on the back of his neck like this innocent-looking little white building across the parking lot with pink and yellow flowers on either side of its covered entrance.

Maybe it was the August heat, he reasoned, glancing up through the windshield at the afternoon sun from behind his polarized shades. But a cool breeze was blowing today, making the cute little trees in front of the chapel sway in the most depressingly precious way. Plus he had the air conditioner on full blast.

Steve rubbed his hand over his painful midsection. In thirty-four years, this was the closest he’d ever come to the whole marriage process. He’d never even seen a wedding. He had ducked countless requests to be a groomsman, had RSVP’d with regrets to every invitation he’d received, had sidestepped requests from girlfriends to attend weddings as an escort. To a commitment-phobic guy like him, a wedding chapel was the ultimate nightmare. Churches, after all, could be used for other things: religious services, christenings, funerals. But a wedding chapel—man, that was hard core.

The phone on his belt rang and he checked it. Karen, his partner. He flipped up the receiver with a grunt. “What’s up?”

“Just calling to give you a pep talk.”

He frowned. “That’s not necessary.”

“I saw you pop an antacid before you left—are you sure you’re up to this undercover assignment? I mean, I know how you get when someone mentions the ‘M’ word.”

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