Pregnant With The Billionaire's Baby: Valentino's Love-Child / Innocent Secretary...Accidentally Pregnant

Pregnant With The Billionaire's Baby: Valentino's Love-Child / Innocent Secretary...Accidentally Pregnant
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Valentino’s Love-ChildSociety bachelor and former army sniper Ben Benedict moves between two worlds — from high-society Washington to the mean city streets, from tuxedos to Glocks. His powerful Virginia family wants him out of harm’s way, but Ben stays on the job, determined to make amends for a past that haunts him. And becomes a ticking time bomb Dr Anna Schuster is fighting demons of her own when she crosses paths with Agent Benedict.The two become adversaries — and lovers — as they search for an Al Qaeda operative bent on revenge. Ben must fight against time — and his own darkness — to rescue millions of innocents and the woman he loves from a virulent bioweapon in the hands of a dangerous enemy.Innocent Secretary…Accidentally PregnantEmma Stephenson thought all they’d be sharing was an office—not a bed! But she’s learning fast what being tycoon playboy Luca D’Amato’s personal assistant really means! And now she has to tell him she’s pregnant! Everything a man could want?

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Valentino’s Love-Child

Their relationship is scorching and its intensity is unmatched… Only love can never be mentioned. But Valentino Grisafi’s stunning, intriguing American lover is testing his resolve.

He said he’d never marry again. His principles won’t allow it. The one person to tame the untamable Valentino is the woman now carrying his child…

Innocent Secretary…Accidentally Pregnant

Plain Emma Stephenson doesn’t look like a tycoon’s assistant, but for playboy Luca D’Amato, breaking through her nononsense attitude is his favorite new game. Emma thought all they’d be sharing was an office—not a bed! Now he’s offering her a promotion, and she’s trying to find the words to tell him…she’s pregnant!

“Monroe wows with her lust-at-first-sight love story. Her determined heroine and high-handed yet honorable hero will delight. Swank surroundings and detailed dialogue enliven, and the all-consuming first love scene is absorbing.”

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“This high-society romance is funny, sweet, sexy and all-American. A madcap, altruistic heiress and arrogant but honorable hero are the perfect fit.”

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Praise for USA TODAY bestselling author Carol Marinelli

“Marinelli’s heartrending tearjerker is a tale of two cultures. Her narrative is a sensual feast and the first love scene is awesome. The trust-building and eventual love between her two polar opposites is the pièce de résistance.”

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“Marinelli’s romance is an exquisitely told modern-day fairy-tale, a delightful mix of laugh-out-loud pampered-princess antics and solemn realities. The first kiss between the ruthless, sexy Aussie lawyer and tempestuous Arabian royal temptress kicks off an erotic fantasy.”

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Pregnant with the Billionaire’s Baby

Valentino’s Love-Child

Lucy Monroe

Innocent Secretary…Accidentally Pregnant

Carol Marinelli

USA TODAY bestselling author LUCY MONROE lives and writes in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. While she loves her home, she delights in experiencing different cultures and places in her travels, which she happily shares with her readers through her books. A lifelong devotee of the romance genre, Lucy can’t imagine a more fulfilling career than writing. Visit her on the web at

VALENTINO GRISAFI BRUSHED a silky auburn curl away from where it blocked his view of his sleeping mistress’s face.

Mistress. An old-fashioned word for a very modern woman. Faith Williams would not appreciate the label. Were he to be foolish enough to use it within her hearing, she would no doubt let him know it too. His carina americana was no wilting flower.

Pretty American. Now, that suited her. But if he should let on he thought of her like a mistress? Ai-yi-yi.

Eyes the blue of a peacock feather would snap with temper while she lectured him on how inappropriate the term was. And he supposed she would have a point. He did not pay her bills. He did not buy her clothes. No matter how many hours they spent together here, she did not live in his Marsala apartment. She did not rely on him for anything but his company.

So, not his mistress. But not his girlfriend, either. Long-term commitment and love had no place between them. Theirs was a purely physical relationship, the duration and depth of which was dictated purely by convenience. Mostly his. Not that Faith had nothing to say in the matter.

She could walk away as easily as he and had no more incentive to make time in her schedule for him than vice versa. Luckily for them both, the relationship—such that it was—worked for each of them.

Perhaps they were friends also and he did not regret it, but that had come after. After he had discovered the way her sweet, curvaceous body responded to the slightest touch of his. After kisses that melted his brain and her resistance. After he had learned how much pleasure he could find basking in her generous sensuality, once unleashed.

The sex between them was phenomenal.

Which was no doubt why he could already feel the loss of the coming weeks.

Tracing her perfect oval features he leaned close to her ear. “Carina, you must wake.”

Her nose wrinkled and the luscious bow of her mouth twisted into a moue of denial, her exotically colored eyes remaining stubbornly closed. Her recently sated body not moving so much as a centimeter from its usual postcoital curled position.

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