Reasons for Revenge: Scorned by the Boss

Reasons for Revenge: Scorned by the Boss
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Three passionate love stories from bestselling author Maureen Child Scorned by the Boss Shipping tycoon Jefferson wasn’t a man who took no for an answer. So when his ‘faithful’ secretary quit, he followed her to her holiday resort. But there’d be no relaxing for Jefferson…he was out to seduce Caitlyn. But she was more desirable than Jefferson had ever realised.Seduced by the Rich Man Max’s need for a temporary wife and his desire for Janine seemed to coincide perfectly. He knew that Janine wasn’t in a position to refuse his offer – or his bed. But then their make-believe marriage became more passionate than either anticipated… Captured by the BillionaireGabriel had nearly forgotten the past…until Debbie arrived at his resort. She’d walked away from him once, but now he wasn’t letting her leave his island without exacting his own brand of revenge – the ultimate seduction.


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About the Author

MAUREEN CHILD is a California native who loves to travel. Every chance they get, she and her husband are taking off on another research trip. The author of more than sixty books, Maureen loves a happy ending and still swears that she has the best job in the world. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children and a golden retriever with delusions of grandeur.

You can contact Maureen via her website

Reasons for Revenge

Scorned by the Boss

Seduced by the Rich Man

Captured by the Billionaire

Maureen Child

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First published in Great Britain 2012

by Mills & Boon, an imprint of Harlequin (UK) Limited. Eton House, 18-24 Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SR REASONS FOR REVENGE © by Harlequin Enterprises II B.V./S.à.r.l 2012

Scorned by the Boss, Seduced by the Rich Man and Captured by the Billionaire were first published in Great Britain by Harlequin (UK) Limited in separate, single volumes.

Scorned by the Boss © Maureen Child 2007 Seduced by the Rich Man © Maureen Child 2007 Captured by the Billionaire © Maureen Child 2007

ebook ISBN: 978-1-408-97047-8

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Scorned by the Boss

Maureen Child

Dear Reader,

Scorned by the Boss is the first book in a trilogy about three women who are best friends.

We all know what that means. There are things we can tell a girlfriend that we would never admit to anyone else. And in these three books, you’ll see that Caitlyn, Janine and Debbie work together to help each other through the uncharted jungles of love.

In the first book, you’ll meet Caitlyn and her boss, Jefferson Lyon. Caitlyn’s been running Jefferson’s business and personal life for years, but she’s finally had enough. When she quits her job, though, things start to get interesting …

Also, I hope you really enjoy reading Seduced by the Rich Man and Captured by the Billionaire, and I hope you’ll let me know what you think of Cait, Janine and Debbie …

Happy reading,


To friendship. That amazing, wonderful sense of belonging you can only find with someone who knows the real you and loves you anyway.

And to my friends, thanks for everything.


Caitlyn Monroe knocked once, then entered the lion’s den.

She was prepared, like any good lion trainer, for whatever might be waiting for her. A furious, chained beast looking for something to chew on? Probably. A pussycat? Not likely. In the three years she’d worked for Jefferson Lyon she’d learned that the man was much more likely to be snarly and aggressive than accommodating.

Jefferson was used to getting his own way. In fact, he accepted nothing less. Which was what made him both an amazingly successful businessman and a sometimes pain-in-the-neck boss.

But this she was used to. Dealing with Jefferson’s demands was normal. And after the jolt she’d had over the weekend, she was ready for the normal. The everyday. The routine. She appreciated the fact that she knew Jefferson Lyon. Knew what to expect and wouldn’t be blindsided by something shattering coming out of nowhere.

No, thanks, she thought. She’d had enough of that Saturday night.

Her boss looked up when she entered, and just for a minute, Caitlyn allowed herself to appreciate the view. Jefferson’s jaw was strong and square, his blue eyes piercing enough to see through any attempts at deception and his tawny hair cut and styled to lay fashionably at his collar. A modern-day pirate with less conscience, when it came to business, than Bluebeard.

Most of the people who worked for him walked a wide berth around the magnate. Just the sound of him coming down the halls was usually enough to send people scattering. He had the reputation of being a hard man. Not always fair about it, either. He didn’t suffer fools easily and expected—demanded—perfection.

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