Rise of a Merchant Prince

Rise of a Merchant Prince
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The second book in the bestselling Serpentwar series.It’s hard to build a business empire in the midst of magic and murder…After a harrowing brush with the armies of the Emerald Queen Roo Avery is now free to choose his own destiny. His ambition is to become one of the most powerful merchants in Midkemia.But nothing can prepare him for the dangers of the new life he has chosen, where the repayment of a debt can be as deadly as a knife in the shadows and betrayal is always close at hand.But the war with the Emerald Queen is far from over and the inevitable confrontation will pose the biggest threat yet to Roo's newfound wealth and power.

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Rise of a Merchant Prince

Book Two of the Serpentwar Saga

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First published in Great Britain by HarperCollinsPublishers 1995

Copyright © Raymond E. Feist 1995

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Source ISBN: 9780006497011

Ebook Edition © AUGUST 2012 ISBN: 9780007370214 Version: 2018-08-23

Aglaranna – Elf Queen in Elvandar, wife of Tomas, mother of Calin and Calis

Alfred – corporal from Darkmoor

Avery, Abigail – daughter of Roo and Karli

Avery, Duncan – cousin of Roo

Avery, Helmut – son of Roo and Karli

Avery, Rupert ‘Roo’ – young merchant of Krondor, son of Tom Avery

Avery, Tom – teamster, Roo’s father

Aziz – sergeant at Shamata

Betsy – serving girl at the Inn of the Seven Flowers

Boldar Blood – mercenary hired by Miranda in the Hall of Worlds

Borric – King of the Isles, twin brother of Prince Erland, brother of Prince Nicholas, father of Prince Patrick

Calin – elf heir to the throne of Elvandar, half brother of Calis, son of Aglaranna and King Aidan

Calis – ‘The Eagle of Krondor,’ special agent of the Prince of Krondor, Duke of the Court, son of Aglaranna and Tomas, half brother of Calin

Carline – Dowager Duchess of Salador, aunt of the King

Chalmes – ruling magician at Stardock

Crowley, Brandon – trader at Barret’s Coffee House

De Loungville, Robert ‘Bobby’ – sergeant major of Calis’s crimson Eagles

De Savona, Luis – former soldier, assistant to Roo

Dunstan, Brian – the Sagacious Man, leader of the Mockers, used to be known as Lysle Rigger

Ellien – town girl in Ravensburg

Erland – brother of the King and Prince Nicholas, uncle of Prince Patrick

Esterbrook, Jacob – wealthy merchant of Krondor, father of Sylvia

Esterbrook, Sylvia – Jacob’s daughter

Fadawah – general leading the Emerald Queen’s army

Freida – Erik’s mother

Galain – elf in Elvandar

Gamina – adopted daughter of Pug, sister of William, wife of James, mother of Arutha

Gapi – general in the Emerald Queen’s army

Gaston – wagon dealer in Ravensburg

Gordon – corporal at Krondor

Graves, Katherine ‘Kitty’ – girl thief in Krondor

Greylock, Owen – captain in the Prince’s service

Grindle, Helmut – merchant, father of Karli, partner of Roo

Grindle, Karli – daughter of Helmut, later wife of Roo Avery, mother of Abigail and Helmut

Gunther – Nathan’s apprentice

Gwen – town girl in Ravensburg

Hoen, John – manager of Barret’s

Hume, Stanley – trader at Barret’s

Jacoby, Frederick – founder of Jacoby and Sons, traders

Jacoby, Helen – wife of Randolph

Jacoby, Randolph – son of Frederick, brother of Timothy, husband of Helen

Jacoby, Timothy – son of Frederick, brother of Randolph

James – Duke of Krondor, father of Arutha, grandfather of James and Dash

Jameson, Arutha – Lord Vencar, Baron of the Prince’s Court, son of Duke James

Jameson, Dashel ‘Dash’ – younger son of Arutha, grandson of James

Jameson, James ‘Jimmy’ – elder son of Arutha, grandson of James

Jamila – madam at the White Wing

Jason – waiter at Barret’s, later accountant for Avery and Son and the Bitter Sea Company

Jeffrey – wagon driver for Jacoby and Sons

Kalied – ruling magician at Stardock

Kurt – bullying waiter at Barret’s

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