Signals from the moon. Poet’s diary

Signals from the moon. Poet’s diary
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A collection of poetic reflections that will take you on a journey through the depths of emotions and the beauty of the human experience. From the tender exploration of love and longing to the profound contemplation of life’s intricacies, these poems are woven together to create a tapestry of feelings and insights.


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© Olga Makarova, 2024

ISBN 978-5-0062-4704-8

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I often imagine myself as a lone wanderer in the desert, roaming from oasis to oasis. There, I meet people, listen to their stories, possibly become part of them, replenish supplies, and set off again. While I walk alone, I think a lot. And I learn. When I reach my next destination, maybe I also have a story to tell.

“Love is an absolute thing…”

Love is an absolute thing.
It doesn’t need reasons, proofs, satisfaction.
The feeling of its presence is a necessary
and sufficient condition.

“I didn’t bring flowers to your house…”

I didn’t bring flowers to your house.
I’ve been leaving them on the trails you walk.
I was so happy spelling your name in petals.

“I would like to know what you think about…”

I would like to know what you think about
When you fall asleep
To follow the threads of your thoughts
Like a star map.

“When you close your eyes, but keep seeing…”

When you close your eyes, but keep seeing,
When you stop your body, but can’t stop your mind,
Who hugs you?

“Instead of the singing of those…”

Instead of the singing of those
Who love you,
I wish you to hear the whisper of the one
You love.

“The sun is so cruel…”

The sun is so cruel,
Kissing my face after yours,
Making me feel
The smell of your skin in its rays.

“If you go into a storm…”

If you go into a storm,
Even with a lantern,
Be ready to get lost.

“Don’t cut the flowers…”

Don’t cut the flowers.
With their beauty,
They thank the earth, the sun and the rain.
Let them finish their speech.

“I lost all of You…”

I lost all of You,
Never having
Even a small part,
But I found
The rest of the world
Without ever searching.

“Don’t be sad!..”

Don’t be sad!
Let this world
Make us fly off the handle,
Still we can fly
Holding hands.

“Someone says they love me…”

Someone says they love me,
But my heart went deaf,
Screaming about love for you.

“I miss you like the wave misses the rocks…”

I miss you like the wave misses the rocks.
Each time rolling back,
It only prepares
To crash on them with new vigour.

“I met you like a beautiful dawn…”

I met you like a beautiful dawn
And I hit the road to unknown.
No matter how long it will be,
I know your sun will shine on me
Until sunset.

“I have to silence my heart…”

I have to silence my heart
In order to let my mind speak.
For wherever my heart aspires,
Only my mind can show it the way.

“A yellowed leaf…”

A yellowed leaf,
Torn off in the morning
By a cold autumn wind,
By the evening
Will no longer remember
Which tree it fell from.

“I do not want to text you…”

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