Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed
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Breaking Making Up Two irresistible men from Down Under - one Aussie, one Kiwi. The time has come for them to settle old scores and win the women they've always wanted!Miranda Lee Something BorrowedAshleigh is marring James. He's kind and reliable - unlike Jake, his wild identical twin, who loved Ashleigh and left her long ago. This time, Ashleigh is sure she's chosen the right brother… . Until her wedding night turns out to be so passionate that she wonders if she knows her new husband at all! Susan Napier Vendetta Vivian goes in place of her sister to face Nicholas Thorne's retribution - and walks into his trap. Nicholas is now Vivian's captor and she must play him along until she can outwit him. But Nicholas has waited ten years for this… . To seduce Vivian into falling in love with him will be the greatest revenge ever!Breaking Making Up Two original stories in one unique collection by Miranda Lee and Susan Napier.


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Two original stories in one unique collection


Miranda Lee and Susan Napier

Revenge is a powerful emotion—love’s

wrongs always beg to be righted. But

vengeance has its price, as each character in

this exciting collection of two brand-new

romances soon discovers!

Be enticed and involved by dangerous

desires, share the passion of bittersweet

seductions, as two irresistible men from

Down Under—one an Australian, the other

a New Zealander—find the time has come to

settle old scores. Will these gorgeous guys

win the women they’ve always wanted?

Turn the pages and find out!

MIRANDA LEE is Australian, living near Sydney. Born and raised in the bush, she was boardingschool educated and briefly pursued a classical music career before moving to Sydney and embracing the world of computers. Happily married, with three daughters, she began writing when family commitments kept her at home. She likes to create stories that are believable, modern, fast paced and sexy. Her interests include reading meaty sagas, doing word puzzles, gambling and going to the movies.

Something Borrowed

Miranda Lee


‘JAMES hasn’t seen your dress, has he?’ Kate asked, glancing at the magnificent satin and lace bridal gown hanging on the wardrobe door. ‘You know that’s considered unlucky.’

Ashleigh put down her mascara and smiled at her chief bridesmaid in the dressing-table mirror. ‘No, Miss Tradition. He hasn’t. Not that it would worry me if he had,’ she added with a light laugh. ‘You know I don’t believe in superstitions. Or fate. Or luck. People make their own luck in life.’

Kate rolled her eyes. ‘You’ve become annoyingly pragmatic over the years, do you know that? Where’s your sense of romance gone?’

It was killed, came the unwanted and bitter thought. A lifetime ago...

Ashleigh felt a deep tremor of old pain, but hid it well, keeping her mascara wand steady with an iron will as she went on with her make-up.

‘Just look at you,’ Kate accused. ‘It’s your wedding-day and you’re not even nervous. If I were the bride my hand would be shaking like a leaf.’

‘What is there to be nervous about? Everything is going to go off like clockwork. You know how organised James’s mother is.’

‘I wasn’t talking about the wedding. Or the reception. I was talking about afterwards... You know...’

‘For heaven’s sake, Kate,’ Ashleigh said quite sharply. ‘It’s not as though I’m some trembling young virgin. I’m almost thirty years old, and a qualified doctor to boot. My wedding-night is not looming as some terrifying ordeal.’

Oh, really? an insidious voice whispered at the back of her mind.

Ashleigh stiffened before making a conscious effort to relax, letting out a ragged sigh. ‘I’m sorry,’ she apologised. ‘I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.’

‘You are nervous,’ her friend decided smugly. ‘And you know what? I think it’s sweet. James is a real nice man. Much nicer than...’ Kate bit her bottom lip and darted Ashleigh a stricken look. ‘Oh, I...I’m sorry. I didn’t mean...I...’

‘It’s all right,’ Ashleigh soothed. ‘I won’t collapse in a screaming heap if you mention his name.’

‘Do you...ever think of him?’ Kate asked, eyes glittering with curiosity.

Too damned often, came the immediate and possibly crushing thought.

But Ashleigh gathered herself quickly, refusing to allow Jake—even in memory form—to mar her wedding-day.

‘Jake’s as good as dead as far as I’m concerned,’ she stated quite firmly. ‘As far as everyone in Glenbrook is concerned. Even his mother doesn’t speak of him any more.’

‘What about James?’ the other girl asked. ‘I mean...he and Jake are twins. Doesn’t he ever talk about his brother?’


Kate frowned. ‘I wonder what Jake would think of his quieter half marrying his old girlfriend. Does he know, do you think? They say some twins, especially identical ones, have a sort of telepathy between them.’

Ashleigh’s fine grey eyes did their best to stay calm as she turned to face her old school-friend. ‘Jake and James never did. As far as Jake knowing...’ She gave a seemingly offhand shrug. ‘He might. His mother insisted on sending him a wedding invitation. God knows why, since she doesn’t even know where he’s living now. She posted it to his old solicitor in Thailand, who once promised to pass on any mail. Naturally, she didn’t receive a reply.’

Ashleigh sucked in a deep breath, then let it out slowly, hoping to ease the constriction in her chest. ‘Jake wouldn’t give a damn about my marrying James, anyway,’ she finished. ‘Now...perhaps we’d better get on with my hair. Time’s getting away.’

Kate remained blessedly silent while she brushed then wound Ashleigh’s shoulder-length blonde hair into the style they’d both decided on the previous day. Even though Ashleigh appeared to be watching her hairdresser friend’s efficient fingers, her mind was elsewhere, remembering things she shouldn’t be remembering on the day she was marrying James.

Jake...holding her close, kissing her.

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