Submitting: A Mischief Erotica Collection

Submitting: A Mischief Erotica Collection
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Kinky games and arrangements abound in this Mischief collection of original erotic fiction.In Submitting, the fun, thrills and pleasures of surrendering to that special lover, or lovers, is explored imaginatively and intensely in eight original stories, written by some of the best erotica authors writing today, including Justine Elyot, Sommer Marsden, Lily Harlem and Rose de Fer.

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This collection is entirely a work of fiction.

The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are

the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to

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Tested © Rose de Fer

Overruled © Lily Harlem

Your Assignment © Sommer Marsden

Two-faced © CeCe Marsh

On Your Knees © Alegra Verde

Doing It for Emmett © Justine Elyot

Making Movies © Ludivine Bonneur

A Bid for Her Heart © Kathleen Tudor

The authors assert the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

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EBook Edition © June 2016 ISBN: 9780008190231

Version 2016-05-19

I feel like I’m on the deck of a ship in a storm. The floor pitches and twists, rolling with the ceaseless motion of crashing waves. It’s all I can do to keep my balance as I rise to my feet.

Except I know it’s only me that’s moving. Everything around me is perfectly still. Terrifyingly still. And silent.

I need a few moments to prepare myself, and it feels like a small lifetime. I take some deep breaths and the hammering of my heart finally begins to slow. My hands don’t entirely stop trembling, but at least I am able to respond when my name is called. Slowly I begin to make my way to the door at the end of the corridor. I may as well be crossing the ocean for all the time it takes me to cover the distance, reassuring myself along the way that the floor isn’t really undulating beneath me. My legs barely feel up to the task of supporting me, let alone carrying me any distance.

I reach the end of the hallway all too quickly, however. And once there, I hesitate, trying to collect myself. I can’t put it off any longer. I grasp the door handle with a clammy palm. It doesn’t seem to want to turn and for a moment I am irrationally relieved, as though I might escape my fate after all. As though I might be spared.

But no. The knob turns when I twist it in the other direction and the door opens with a little click. A tiny rush of air escapes, like an icy breath.

The room beyond is dark, and it remains dark even once I pull the door open. Just enough to permit me to slip inside. I step across the threshold and feel the transition from hard floor to soft carpet beneath my shoes. This room will swallow my sounds. All my sounds.

‘Close the door.’

It might be the voice of the shadows themselves, for I can see nothing in the darkened chamber. It gathers all around me, swelling, a wall of imposing silence. I do as I am told, turning the knob as I push the door into the frame to keep it quiet. I don’t think I can bear to hear the click as it shuts. It would sound too serious, too final.

My small task completed, I stand and await further instructions, my hands clasped behind my back. Time crawls by while I wait and every second makes my heart beat faster. I try to calm myself again, but this time I can’t seem to control my breathing. The silence builds, a vast, terrible emptiness that threatens to consume me. I could almost believe I am being erased, heartbeat by heartbeat.

The darkness is unbearable and I close my eyes so I can pretend it’s my choice to stand here, lost in shadow, unseeing and unseen.

No, not unseen. I know from the prickling of my skin that I am not alone, that I am being watched. That he is here with me.

When the voice comes again, it makes me jump.

‘Remove your clothes.’

I open my eyes, startled to find that I am no longer in darkness. A spotlight has appeared. I stand inside it like an animal in a circular cage, suddenly missing the shadows. I even miss the storm-tossed corridor.

There is no question of my obedience. My fingers tremble as I slide my clasped hands apart, uncertain where to begin. I am dressed in what I was told to wear – a smart skirt and blouse. The jacket is first. I can just about manage the single button in the centre and I slip it off. For a moment I stand holding it, looking around for somewhere to put it. But I am given no guidance.

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