Witch: a Magickal Journey: A Guide to Modern Witchcraft

Witch: a Magickal Journey: A Guide to Modern Witchcraft
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This is the 20th anniversary edition of WITCH: A MAGICKAL JOURNEY.Fiona Horne is an Australian Witch with Attitude. Young, beautiful and extremely funky she has been practising Wicca for 13 years. In this guide to modern paganism she reveals the intimate secrets of her witches calling. Read it and be empowered!It’s enchanting, making magick. In Witch: Magickal Journey, Fiona Horne reveals the intimate secrets and know-how of her spiritual calling, including rituals, spells and incantations; festivals and sacred sites; details about Goddesses, Gods and familiars; cyber-witchcraft; interviews with other witches and much more. Fiona also reveals all about the daily business of being a modern Witch at home, work and play.Part reference book, part personal journey, Fiona Horne’s funky style makes this an enlightening and uplifting book full of Witchy humour.


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First published as

Witch: A Personal Journey &

Witch: A Magickal Year

Random House, Australia 1998, 1999

This combined edition first published by Thorsons 2000

This 20th Anniversary Edition published 2017


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My heartfelt thanks go to:

My special friend Liam Cyfrin. I couldn’t have written this book without his advice and Witchy insights.

The brilliant girls, Tracey Shaw and Lauren O’Keefe, who not only do a magnificent job of running my website (www.fionahorne.com) but are also good friends!

All the wonderful Witches who shared their stories with me.

All the generous people who took the time to write in to my website and who sent me letters offering their comments and support.

My gorgeous friends and family who supported me during the writing of this book.

My awesome management team in London – Terry Blamey and Alli Macgregor, and in Australia – Melissa LeGear, Justin McNeany and Rochelle Nolan.

And, last but not least, the spunky team at Thorsons, especially Louise, Joanna, Jo, Jessica, Karen, Paul and Meg.

The journey of this book began 20 years ago in Australia – the world was different then. Witches were still cloaked in fear, suspicion and myth. Now, in these ‘woke’ times, who doesn’t know a proud, self-professed Witch?

I’m grateful that this book has stood the test of time, being re-released in this 20th Anniversary Edition. I hope it is useful to you, whether you are new to the Craft of the Wise, or a devout practitioner looking to refine and deepen your skills.

Witchcraft is a spiritual path – it welcomes all seekers.

Enjoy your journey.

Blessed Be,

Fiona Horne

May 2017



Some say that you have to be born a Witch – a Witch cannot be ‘made’. I disagree. In our society, where the majority of alternative spirituality is hushed or treated with derision and scepticism, it can be hard to hear your inner calling.

I spent most of my teenage years as a practising Catholic, going to Mass every Sunday with my parents and attending a Catholic girls-only high school. At times I found comfort in the rituals that many people of all faiths reduce their religion to. It was pleasant to think that all I had to do was be good and I would go to heaven, and that the only spiritual responsibility I had in my life was to obey the Ten Commandments.

When I was thirteen I had a favourite nun, Sister Geraldine, who taught at my high school – she was tough and cool and didn’t take crap from the school heavies. She told me one lunchtime that she’d never had a boyfriend in her life, that she’s always loved God and He’d always loved her back, and she always felt happy and good about herself. I was in High School Hell at the time, no girlfriends, no boyfriend, constant fighting at home, and in her words I saw freedom from the depressing nightmare my life had become. So, I decided to become a nun.

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