21st Century Dodos: A Collection of Endangered Objects

21st Century Dodos: A Collection of Endangered Objects
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A REVISED AND UPDATED EBOOK EDITION WITH ALL NEW READERS’ DODOS!We’ve all heard of the list of endangered animals, but no one has ever pulled together a list of endangered inanimate objects.Until now, that is.Steve Stack has catalogued well over one hundred objects, traditions, cultural icons and, well, other stuff that is at risk of extinction.Some of them have vanished already.Cassette tapes, rotary dial phones, half-day closing, milk bottle deliveries, Concorde, handwritten letters, typewriters, countries that no longer exist, white dog poo……all these and many more are big a fond farewell in this nostalgic, and sometimes irreverent, trip down memory lane.


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21st Century Dodos

A Collection of Endangered Objects (and Other Stuff)

Illustrations by Dave Cornmell

For Ethan and Martha

who have never heard of most of the things in this book, the poor, deprived children

‘Excellent, and very funny. I’m now craving 10p mix-ups, and fish and chips wrapped up in newspaper.’

JEN CAMPBELL, author of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops

‘Stack’s brand of chummy 1970s and 80s nostalgia is amiable, and there is a lovely set-piece about dangerous childhood escapades on slam door trains.’


‘For those of us still missing the Texan bar, Woolies and our C90 tapes, this charming, funny read will bring back some great memories.’

BEN HATCH, author of Are We Nearly There Yet?

‘When my copy arrived I thought I’d just flick through it but ended up reading it from cover to cover. Brilliant, funny and nostalgic. So much “I remember those!”, shows I’m getting old. Highly recommended!’

CLIVE BUCKLEY, Amazon reviewer

‘Filled with all sorts of objects that I had completely forgotten about. Pure nostalgia for the 30-somethings.’

LILYLOULOU, play.com reviewer

‘The kind of book that will inspire a warm glow of nostalgia.’

TIM ATKINSON, Bringing Up Charlie blog

‘An excellent choice for your loved one’s Christmas stocking, and certainly a damn sight better than that sodding meerkat book that a well-meaning associate of mine gave me last year.’

JONATHAN PINNOCK, author of Mr Darcy vs the Aliens

‘I can’t help it. I’m a child of the 80s. I love this stuff.’

Bookie Monster blog

‘A cracking book’

The Word

‘A lovely little volume that anyone over thirty will enjoy, and those pesky kids could read, to help them understand a little of what their elders are talking about.’

British Army Rumour Service

‘One of those books that you start browsing and then find hard to put back down.’


‘I really do think this sort of stuff should be included in the curriculum, history is not just about war but about the little things that changed everyday life.’

ELLIE WARREN, Curiosity Killed the Bookwork blog

‘It’s a wonderful slice of nostalgia that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.’


‘Potted histories of golden oldies as varied as cassette tapes, typewriters and Concorde.’

Irish Times

‘As idiosyncratic as it is amusing, 21st Century Dodos reminds us that, in a rapidly evolving world, not everything we leave behind is without merit.’


‘Could do without the expletives in some places.’

D.J. WEST, Amazon reviewer

‘I’m a great fan of Steve Stack’s light and humorous style, so it was a treat to have another one of his books to read. ‘21st Century Dodo’s’ did not disappoint. A lovely trip down memory lane, which had me chuckling and nostalgic by turns.’

BLAMELESS, Amazon reviewer

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For the paperback edition of this book (yes, there was a hardback – where were you?) I thought the least I could do was write a new introduction. Mind you, now I come to think of it, we are charging less for this edition so I am not sure I should be doing any extra work at all.

Oh well, I have started now so I might as well go on.

With 21st Century Dodos I wanted to commemorate the many inanimate objects, experiences and, well, other things that many of us grew up with but which are either extinct or very much on the way out. Of course, most of these are victims of the eternal march of progress, and that is only to be expected, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t mark their passing and bid them a fond farewell.

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