A Protected Witness

A Protected Witness
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A FACE FROM THE PASTBecause of the FBI, Allison Barnes lost her husband in an execution-style shooting that left her gravely wounded and with no memory of that night. Now, the Witness Security Program was her only recourse. But once the killer found her again, there was only one person from her past she could trust–her husband's protégé, Mitch Decker.When Allie contacted him, Mitch knew that if he couldn't unlock her memories, both their lives would be forfeit. Yet in the throes of danger he began to uncover her passionate side. Would deadly secrets tear her from his arms, or could he protect this witness…with his love?


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“Allie?” The whisper came over the phone line, oddly breathless, but so familiar and reassuring.

It had been seventeen months since she’d heard his voice, but it was just as she remembered. Strong. Solid. Relief fluttered through her chest, lifting the suffocating fear that had weighed her down for two days.

She tried to speak, but her throat closed up. Finally she managed to say, “M-Mitch?”

“Allie, where are you?”

“Oh, Mitch. I tried to call. I didn’t want to leave a message on your machine. I need help.”

“God, Allie. What’s wrong?”

She took a deep breath. “They found me.”

Dear Harlequin Intrigue Reader,

Our romantic suspense lineup this month promises to give you a lot to look forward to this holiday season!

We start off with Full Exposure, the second book in Debra Webb’s miniseries COLBY AGENCY: INTERNAL AFFAIRS. The ongoing investigation into the agency’s security leak heats up as a beautiful single mom becomes a pawn in a ruthless decimation plot. Next up…will wedding bells lead to murder? Find out in Hijacked Honeymoon—the fourth book in Susan Kearney’s HEROES, INC. series. Then Mallory Kane continues her ULTIMATE AGENTS stories with A Protected Witness—an edgy mystery about a vulnerable widow who puts her life in an FBI special agent’s hands.

November’s ECLIPSE selection is guaranteed to tantalize you to the core! The Man from Falcon Ridge is a spellbinding gothic tale about a primitive falcon trainer who swoops to the rescue of a tormented woman. Does she hold the key to a grisly unsolved murder—and his heart? And you’ll want to curl up in front of the fire to savor Christmas Stalking by Jo Leigh, which pits a sexy Santa-in-disguise against a strong-willed senator’s daughter when he takes her into his protective custody. Finally this month, unwrap Santa Assignment, an intense mystery by Delores Fossen. The clock is ticking when a desperate father moves heaven and earth to save the woman who could give his toddler son a Christmas miracle.

Enjoy all six!


Denise O’Sullivan

Senior Editor

Harlequin Intrigue

A Protected Witness

Mallory Kane



Mallory Kane took early retirement from her position as assistant chief of pharmacy at a large metropolitan medical center to pursue her other loves, writing and art. She has published and won awards for science fiction and fantasy as well as romance. Mallory credits her love of books to her mother, who taught her that books are a precious resource and should be treated with loving respect. Her grandfather and her father were both steeped in the Southern tradition of oral history, and could hold an audience spellbound with their storytelling skills. Mallory aspires to be as good a storyteller as her father. She loves romantic suspense with dangerous heroes and dauntless heroines. She is also fascinated by story ideas that explore the infinite capacity of the brain to adapt and develop higher skills. Mallory lives in Mississippi with her husband and their cat. She would be delighted to hear from readers. You can write to her c/o Harlequin Books, 233 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10279.


Allison Barnes—She is the only one alive who can identify the man who killed her husband and gravely wounded her, but she has amnesia about the events of that awful night. Is it because the truth is too shocking to believe?

Mitchell Decker—He got the job he’d always wanted when his mentor was murdered. But he’d gladly give it all up, even his life, if it meant keeping Allie alive.

Joe Barnes—This FBI special agent had known too much. His execution-style murder puts his young wife’s life in danger and starts a chain of events that could destroy many lives.

Frank Conover—Ruthless and ambitious, Conover likes he power of his position as a deputy assistant director of the FBI…perhaps too much.

Carmine Bongiovi—A major drug kingpin in the D.C. area, Bongiovi will stop at nothing to attain his goals, not even murder. Whose pocket is he in, and how far-reaching is his power?

Grant Irby—When he is appointed special prosecutor to investigate Joe Barnes’s death, he sees an opportunity to realize his dream of being an FBI agent. All he needs is a chance and a vacant special agent position.

Hal Withers—He’s a cop working undercover with Bongiovi. He has information, but is he for sale to the highest bidder?

To Michael, my own personal hero



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The man in the black topcoat rang the doorbell of the Georgetown home and smoothed his fingers over his fine leather driving gloves. The breath mint dissolving on his tongue sent a chill sharpness through his senses as he waited.

The gun in his pocket ruined the balanced custom fit of his topcoat, but that couldn’t be helped. He needed the weapon instantly available, and he wasn’t planning to stay long enough to take off his coat and hat. Pulling his hat farther down over his brow, he lowered his chin into the warmth of his black cashmere scarf.

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