Billionaire's Bargain

Billionaire's Bargain
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She’s always wanted him. Now he needs her too.When Adam Quinn becomes legal guardian to his late brother’s baby, he’s in need of reinforcements. Enter Sienna West the one-time wife of Adam’s brother who swore off Quinn men. But now Sienna can’t deny the desire in Adam’s gaze…


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Her ex’s brother is the one she always wanted.

Now he needs her, bad.

When Adam Quinn becomes legal guardian of his late brother’s baby, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Enter Sienna West—the savvy, sexy photographer who once was married to Adam’s no-good brother. Sienna swore off the Quinns after her divorce, but she can’t deny the need in Adam’s voice...or the desire in his gaze. The desire they’re no longer forbidden to explore...

MAUREEN CHILD writes for the Mills & Boon Desire line and can’t imagine a better job. A seven-time finalist for a prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA® Award, Maureen is an author of more than one hundred romance novels. Her books regularly appear on bestseller lists and have won several awards, including a Prism Award, a National Readers’ Choice Award, a Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence and a Golden Quill Award. She is a native Californian but has recently moved to the mountains of Utah.

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Billionaire’s Bargain

Maureen Child

ISBN: 978-1-474-07648-7


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To the Canterbury girls—Teresa, Patti, Mary, Colleen and Peggy. For the memories, for the laughs and because I love you guys.


“Fifty thousand dollars and the baby’s all yours.”

Adam Quinn swallowed back a quick jolt of anger and studied his adversary. Kim Tressler was about thirty, with white-blond hair cut into a sharp wedge that clung to her cheeks. She wore a black, body-hugging dress that left little to the imagination. Her heavily lined blue eyes were narrowed on him and her mouth was a grim, red slash. She stood hipshot, with her infant son propped on her left hip.

Deliberately, he kept himself from looking too closely at the baby. His dead brother’s son. Adam had to keep his head on straight to deal with this woman and that wouldn’t happen if he looked at Devon’s child.

Adam was used to handling all sorts of adversaries. Owning one of the world’s largest construction and property development companies ensured that Adam regularly went head-to-head with many different types of personalities. And he always found a way to win. This time, though, it wasn’t business. It was personal. And it cut damn deep.

Glancing down at the DNA test lying open on his desk, Adam saw proof that the baby’s father was Devon Quinn, Adam’s younger brother. He kept his gaze fixed on the paperwork even as he admitted silently that the test hadn’t been necessary. The baby boy looked just like Devon. So that meant there was no way Adam could leave the baby with his mother. Hell, he wouldn’t want to leave a dog with her. Kim came across as cold and mercenary. Exactly the kind of woman Devon would go for. Adam’s brother had always had miserable taste in women.

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