Hero At Large

Hero At Large
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THE AGENT: Tall, dark and devastatingly handsome Keshon GrayTHE MISSION: To smoke out a deadly traitor–or die tryingTHE OBSTACLE: The sweet temptation of the only woman he'd ever loved!Keshon Gray had never regretted anything he'd had to do in the line of duty–until now. For entering the dangerous world of gang warfare led to a tempestuous reunion with Rennie Williams. Although he had to keep his identity secret, he just couldn't stay away from the virtuous beauty who reawakened his heart. But would their love survive a shocking turn of events that promised to change their lives…forever?a year of loving dangerouslyWhere passion rules and nothing is what it seems….

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When a nefarious mastermind

threatens to destroy the top-secret SPEAR agency, A YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY unfolds….

Keshon Gray

Smoldering brown eyes, a disarming smile—an

utterly charming rogue.

He’s prepared to do anything to serve his country

and complete his mission. But his past and present collide when a passionate reunion with the stunning woman he’d loved—and lost—poses a serious threat to his case…and his heart!

Rennie Williams

A raven-haired, mahogany-eyed beauty who yearns

hopelessly for one man.

Although she’d vowed to forget all about Gray, one

electrifying kiss is all it takes to irresistibly draw her back into his life. But the man of her dreams is acting mighty suspiciously….

Seth Greene

Enigmatic and fiercely driven, he is determined to

keep his partner in line.

Agent Greene knows all about regrets—

and derailed romances—but in the name of justice, he isn’t about to allow Gray’s woman to jeopardize their case!

Dear Reader,

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A YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY continues with Hero at Large, a suspenseful—and passionate—tale set on the mean streets of L.A. Robyn Amos brings a master’s touch to the romance of Keshon Gray and Rennie Williams. Doreen Owens Malek returns with a tale of suspense and secrets, Made for Each Other, and believe me…these two are! RITA Award winner Marie Ferrarella continues her popular CHILDFINDERS, INC. miniseries with Hero for Hire, and in January look for her CHILDFINDERS, INC. single title, An Uncommon Hero.

Complete the month with Maggie Price’s Dangerous Liaisons, told with her signature grittiness and sensuality, and Dad in Blue by Shelley Cooper, another of the newer authors we’re so proud to publish.

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Hero at Large

Robyn Amos


Dear Reader,

Hero at Large is my first Silhouette Intimate Moments novel. I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the A YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY series, because it gave me an opportunity to explore new territory in an area I love—romantic suspense. One of the new experiences I encountered through Rennie and Gray was the vibrant, trendy city of Los Angeles, California. Writing a story that takes place in L.A. was fun because the city nightlife is dramatically different from the nightlife of my own home city of Gaithersburg, Maryland. While writing this story, I also enjoyed tunneling into the dark, shadowed life of an undercover government agent and rediscovering how the power of love can heal even the worst betrayals. These new elements were fun for me to explore, but there was one aspect of Hero at Large that was very familiar to me. Writing about a heroine who makes her living as a psychologist came naturally because I was once on the road to becoming one myself. After graduating from college with a degree in psychology, I decided that writing about the suspenseful and romantic lives of the people in my imagination was more fulfilling than writing research papers. I hope you enjoy Hero at Large.




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Regrets were a waste of time. Keshon Gray had lived as a criminal long enough to know that much.

Stepping onto the rooftop, he took a pack of cigarettes out of his breast pocket. Gray only had a minute or two before he had to go back to the pretense of being a bouncer for L.A.’s trendy nightspot Ocean. But this time, as he struck a match and held it to the end of his cigarette, a strange sensation washed over him.

Before his break he’d helped move a shipment of cocaine, but that wasn’t what was pushing against the edges of his conscience. Nor was it the crates of semiautomatic Street Sweeper shotguns stacked in the storeroom beside the paper cups. He released a short puff, and as he watched the blue smoke curl and blend with the cool November air, it hit him.

Once he’d hated cigarettes…and smoking. At the back of his mind lived the memory of a time when he’d sworn the habit would never touch him.

Gray’s first toke on a cigarette had been to prove himself to his boys. And even after he’d long outgrown that need, the habit remained, like sooty residue in the wake of a fire.

Each guise he’d taken on over the years—and there had been many—left a new layer of grime clinging to his soul. But he had no more choice now than he’d had thirteen years ago.

He may not have chosen the right path in life, but he’d done it for survival—not his own, someone else’s. He’d made up his mind to do whatever he had to, but he hadn’t been quick enough or strong enough then, and someone he’d loved like a brother had died.

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