Outlaw Love

Outlaw Love
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Of All the Rotten Luck!Kelsey Rodgers was already in trouble up to her elbows. The last thing she needed was a U.S. Marshal staying at her hotel. Especially one as sharp, sexy and dangerous as Clay Chandler was turning out to be! Clay just knew that Kelsey was going to get him into hot water.The little whirlwind had more secrets than sense and more sass than was legal. And darned if she hadn't gone and swept him off his feet like a greenhorn kid!

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“Of all the rotten, underhandedtricks I’ve ever heard!”

Kelsey drew back her elbow and jabbed Clay in the belly. “Get off of me!”

A little woof slipped through his lips as he grabbed his stomach. “Quiet, Kelsey, the sheriff will be here—”

She pushed him away with both hands and sat up. “You must think I’m a fool, believing this trumped-up story of yours. Sheriff coming to arrest me. Stolen jewelry—my foot! Of all the men I’ve known, Clay Chandler, you are the lowest, filthiest, rottenest skunk I’ve ever met!”

He sat up and braced his arm against thepillow. “Look, Kelsey, you’ve got it all wrong—”

Kelsey scooted sideways in the bed and reared back against the wall “Get out!” She kicked him with both feet.

Clay tumbled backward onto the floor. Springing to his feet, he glared down at her.

Kelsey’s cheeks flamed. He was naked…!

Dear Reader,

Outlaw Love is the first Harlequin Historical novel by Judith Stacy, who writes for other houses under her real name, Dorothy Howell We are delighted to bring you this heartwarming Western about a U.S. Marshal who comes to town to put an end to a series of payroll robberies, and inadvertently falls in love with the woman who is the leader of the gang responsible for the thefts.

Our titles for the month also include Knights Divided by Suzanne Barclay. In this medieval tale from one of our most popular authors, a young woman finds herself embroiled in a maelstrom of passion and deceit when she kidnaps the rogue whom she believes murdered her sister.

In Bogus Bride, by Australian author Emily French, a spirited young woman must convince her new husband that although he had intended to marry her sister, she is his true soul mate. And in Nina Beaumont’s new book, Surrender the Heart, a gambler and a nobleman’s daughter, haunted by their pasts, turn to each other for protection against falling in love.

Whatever your taste in reading, we hope you’ll find a story written just for you between the covers of a Harlequin Historical book. Keep a lookout for all four titles wherever Harlequin Historicals are sold.


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Outlaw Love

Judith Stacy



Judith Stacy began writing as a personal challenge and found it a perfect outlet for all those thoughts and ideas bouncing around in her head. She chose romance because of the emotional involvement with the characters, and historicals because of her love of bygone days.

Judith has been married to her high school sweetheart for over two decades and has two daughters. When not writing, she haunts museums, historical homes and antique stores, gathering ideas for new adventures in the past.

To David, Judy and Stacy, as always,

for your inspiration, patience and love

Missouri, 1876

Hanging was a hell of a way to die.

Clay Chandler pulled against the ropes binding his hands behind him and swallowed hard. He’d gotten himself into a devil of a mess this time. He might even get himself killed.

“You boys better call this off before it goes too far.” Clay dipped his chin toward the silver badge pinned to his vest “You hang me, and every lawman in the state will be all over these parts.”

Beneath the oak a few yards away, the two outlaws looked back at him. The tallest one gave him a wide grin.

“Well, they’re gonna have to find you first, Marshal.” He laughed and elbowed his partner. “Get the rope, Deuce.”

Deuce glanced nervously at Clay. “I don’t know, Luther. Maybe he’s right. Maybe we ought to wait for Scully—”

“Just shut your face, Deuce, just shut it Scully ain’t here now and I am, and what I say goes. Now do like I tol’ you and git that dang rope.”

Clay’s gaze swept the area. Their campsite lay in a meadow beneath two big oaks, the intertwined boughs forming a leafy canopy that blocked out the bright afternoon sun. To the north and east stood more trees, and to the south a rugged, rocky hillside. Good cover, Clay thought, if he could make it that far. He doubted Luther was above shooting him in the back if he made a break for it His gaze fell on his horse, tethered on the far side of the oak these two intended to hang him from—a long run, under the circumstances.

Clay shifted on the ground where Deuce and Luther had shoved him over an hour ago and stretched out his long legs. The ropes dug into his wrists. He glanced at the empty holster strapped to his thigh and mumbled a curse at the two outlaws, then one at himself.

Luther turned his way again. He was tall and lean, and his face looked like dry, cracked leather. “Yessi-ree, Mister Federal Marshal, we’re gonna show everybody what happens when some no-count lawman comes poking around these parts looking for the Dade gang.” He rubbed his hands together and looked at Deuce. “String him up, boy.”

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