Covert M.D.

Covert M.D.
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SHE COULD TRUST HIM WITH HER LIFE…BUT NOT WITH HER HEARTSomething sinister was taking place in the shadowy basement of Boston General Hospital–and Dr. Nadia French was determined to stop it. A transplant specialist, Nia French was called in to investigate the puzzling deaths of organ transplant recipients at BGH, and nothing was going to keep her from solving the case–not even her ex-lover-turned-partner.For Dr. Rafe McKay, women were a liability–especially in the field. He'd already lost one female partner, and he couldn't let Nia put herself in danger. But Nia had grown up in the ten years since he'd walked out on her, and she wasn't about to be chased off this case…or away from him!

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Rathe stood, uncoiling slowly from the chair as though afraid she might bolt.

But bolting was the last thing on her mind as she identified the heady, racing sensation that had pounded through her during the fight. Excitement. This was the adventure she craved, the thrill she’d been seeking.

The adrenaline poured through her body. She wanted to run. She wanted to dance, to sing, to tip her head back and scream.

She grinned at Rathe.

His eyes narrowing, he advanced on her and leaned down so they were face-to-face. “This is not a joke, Nia. Don’t you get it? You could’ve been killed,” he said, then placed a palm flat against the door, effectively trapping her.

“Well, I wasn’t, thanks to you. That’s why the doctors here work in teams, remember? So we can watch each other’s backs.” She shoved at his chest with both hands, but he was immovable. “Damn it, let me go!”

She saw the change in his eyes. Her body answered the call and he bent close and whispered, “I can’t.”

Then he kissed her, and all that restless energy redirected itself to the places where their bodies merged.

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Jessica Andersen

To my friends in the New England Chapter

of Romance Writers of America.


Though she’s tried out professions ranging from cleaning sea lion cages to cloning glaucoma genes, from patent law to training horses—Jessica is happiest when she’s combining all these interests with her first love: writing romances. These days she’s delighted to be writing full-time on a farm in rural Connecticut that she shares with a small menagerie and a hero named Brian. She hopes you’ll visit her at for info on upcoming books, contests and to say “hi”!


Dr. Nia French—Nia and her first lover are partnered in a deadly hospital investigation of failed transplants. Will she learn to forgive him before it’s too late?

Dr. Rathe McKay—The guarded doctor-adventurer has two equally difficult tasks: to protect Nia from a vicious killer and to avoid the chemistry between them.

Cadaver Man—The tall, gray man sees through Nia and Rathe’s covers quickly. Too quickly.

Tony French—Nia’s father drove Rathe off years ago. After his death, will Tony’s memory separate the onetime lovers or bring them closer together as danger escalates?

Dr. Logan Hart—The young transplant specialist wants to assist in the investigation of unexpected patient deaths. Or so he says.

Marissa Doyle—The nurse has overseen many of the dead patients and has hidden secrets.

Dr. Michael Talbot—The head of the transplant department, Talbot is a giant within the field. So why is a killer stalking his patients?

Short Whiny Guy—Cadaver Man’s partner has seen too much.


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Chapter One

The damp subbasement of Boston General Hospital smelled faintly of death and fabric softener. Corridors folded back on each other without apparent reason, which was both a blessing and a curse for Nia French.

A blessing because she was able to stay out of sight. A curse because she had to follow close or risk losing Cadaver Man, Short Whiny Guy and the rattling laundry cart.

“You got the keys?”

Nia froze. The voice was near. Too near.

Heart pounding, she breathed through her mouth and eased closer to the off-green cinder block wall, wishing for some cover. Wishing the fluorescent lights weren’t so relentlessly bright.

Wishing she knew for sure she’d followed the right guys.

“Yeah, I got the keys. Why, you think I lost them already?” The second speaker was Short Whiny Guy, who had complained incessantly during the trip down from the sixth floor. There was a metallic jingle, and the sound of a door being unlocked.

“Just shut up and let’s get this thing loaded,” Cadaver Man ordered. She called him that because of the grayish skin and shadowed eyes she’d glimpsed when the elevators had shut on the men, leaving her wondering why they were changing the linens at two in the morning.

And why none of the beds in the Transplant Department were stripped.

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