Kept by Her Greek Boss

Kept by Her Greek Boss
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Pregnant with the Greek boss’s baby… Businesswoman Katie Connor thinks herself immune to notorious womaniser Alexi Demetri… So when she finds herself falling for him she decides to run. But unbeknownst to her she’s carrying a baby that will tie her to the ruthless Greek for ever!Though Alexi has sworn never to wed again, marry he must to catch his runaway mistress! With the threat of a custody battle, Katie has no choice but to become Alexi’s convenient wife.Trouble is, Alexi won’t be content until he’s possessed her body…and soul!

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‘If that is your idea of a proposalyou can keep it.’

Alexi fixed her with a piercing look. ‘It’s my idea of a solution,’ he said calmly.

‘Well, I don’t like it.’

‘So what do you suggest, then?’ He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. ‘Do you think it would be better if I wait until the child is born and take you forcibly to court because I want custody?’

‘You wouldn’t do that?’ Her breath seemed to freeze in her throat.

‘Katie, I’ll do whatever it takes,’ he told her powerfully. ‘And, believe me, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of me. Because I have the money and resources to go all the way, and I will win…’

Kathryn Ross was born in Zambia, where her parents happened to live at that time. Educated in Ireland and England, she now lives in a village near Blackpool, Lancashire. Kathryn is a professional beauty therapist, but writing is her first love. As a child she wrote adventure stories, and at thirteen was editor of her school magazine. Happily, ten writing years later, DESIGNED WITH LOVE was accepted by Mills & Boon. A romantic Sagittarian, she loves travelling to exotic locations.





KATIE glanced out of the window and watched the sun setting in a pink, misty haze over the London rooftops. Maybe she wasn’t pregnant, she told herself fiercely. She was only a week late, and she was never regular anyway.

She should go take the test right now. Her eyes skidded towards her bag, and her heart thundered with apprehension. Now that the phones had stopped ringing and the offices were deserted, it was the perfect time.

The sooner she knew, the sooner she could make a decision as to what she should do.

And what would she do if this test were positive?

She leaned her forehead against the cool of the glass.

There was no doubt that her boss was the most handsome, exciting man she had ever met, or that she had been enjoying their affair. But that was all it was—an affair.

Alexi wasn’t the settling-down type; he’d made that absolutely clear from the beginning. And she’d been OK with that. In fact, more than OK; she’d agreed wholeheartedly.

She’d thought she had it all worked out—all under control, she mocked herself as she straightened and turned her back on the view.

Now suddenly she was looking at her affair with Alexi in a whole different way, and what she was seeing, and what she was feeling, was scaring her.

It was strange how life could change in an instant.

She was about to pick up her bag when a noise in the outer office alerted her to the fact that she wasn’t alone, and she looked up to find Alexi standing in the doorway.

As always her senses flew into wild disorder as their eyes met. ‘Crushingly handsome’ was how she had once described the Greek tycoon, and that description was extremely apt.

‘You do realise that everyone else has finished for the day, don’t you?’ he asked.

‘I had some figures to check,’ she retorted, trying to focus her mind on business, sitting back in her chair.

‘So, how’s it going?’

‘I’m nearly finished. Another few days and the deal will be signed and sealed.’ Another few days and her contract here would be finished.

Her eyes drifted over him as he walked closer. She liked the way he dressed; he had the stylish panache that continental men seemed to achieve so effortlessly. But that wasn’t what drew her—nor was it the tall, muscular, toned body beneath the clothes—it was something else. It was that aura of power that he wore so well, that cool, confident, almost ruthless way he had of holding her attention. She wished that he didn’t have an effect on her, and that he didn’t send her senses into free fall, but he did.

Hurriedly she tried to put those emotions away as he stopped in front of her desk.

‘You’ve done well. Of course, it means we’re going to have to set aside some time to talk about where things are going from here.’

Did he mean emotionally? She swallowed hard and couldn’t find her voice to reply.

‘I’d like you to stay on.’

His quietly spoken words opened up feelings inside her that she didn’t dare try to analyse. Instead she looked up at him cautiously, and her whole body seemed to be tensing, waiting. ‘In what capacity?’

‘Same as now. I’m buying a new company, and I’d like you to oversee a similar project for me.’

She tried to ignore the curl of disappointment. Of course he hadn’t been talking in emotional terms. Alexi never discussed emotions; they were a definite taboo. He was a businessman first and foremost.

‘And what about…us?’ She forced herself to ask the question.

‘Well, we can carry on as before, can’t we?’ His dark eyes held with hers, and then he smiled. ‘Enjoying ourselves.’

She nodded and tried to look casually indifferent. ‘Well, we can discuss it later.’

He frowned for a moment as if he hadn’t been expecting that. ‘So the next question is…’ he leaned forward and put his hands on her desk ‘…your place or mine?’

The smooth transition from businessman to lover made Katie’s stomach-muscles tighten. She wanted him so much…wanted to push everything to one side and just go into his arms and be held.

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