Missing: One Bride

Missing: One Bride
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SURPRISE BRIDESTHE BRIDESMAID…AND THE GROOMAlexandra Williams was certain her coworker Natalie's wedding was a mistake. It was clear Nat was interested only in her fiancé's money; she seemed totally immune to Thorn Powell's good looks, his personality, his– Well, okay, maybe Alexandra was a tad jealous.Now Thorn was furious. He insisted bridesmaid Alexandra help him track down his missing bride. The gorgeous groom had never given her a second glance before, but now all this togetherness was having a most unexpected payoff. Would there be a wedding after all?SURPRISE BRIDES. An irresistible trio about love and marriage by three talented authors!

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“I never even knew you noticed me,”

Thorn said.

“I noticed you,” Alexandra admitted, laughing at the depth of the understatement. I love you. The thought came to her like words unspoken, filling her eyes with tears, blurring his features already heavily shadowed and indistinct. She lowered her head until their lips met again.

It felt right to kiss him, to have his hands roam her body. She wanted to be part of his life and his future and she wanted him to love her in the same, passionate, devoted way he’d thought he’d loved Natalie, in the same way she was discovering she loved him.

“This is wrong,” she said at last, pulling away. Thorn was still obsessed with Natalie. And she couldn’t make love with a man who didn’t love her.

Much as part of her wished she could.

Dear Reader,

In 1993 beloved, bestselling author Diana Palmer launched the FABULOUS FATHERS series with Emmett (SR#910), which was her 50th Silhouette book. Readers fell in love with that Long, Tall Texan who discovered the meaning of love and fatherhood, and ever since, the FABULOUS FATHERS series has been a favorite. And now, to celebrate the publication of the 50th FABULOUS FATHERS book, Silhouette Romance is very proud to present a brand-new novel by Diana Palmer, Mystery Man, and Fabulous Father Canton Rourke.

Silhouette Romance is just chock-full of special books this month! We’ve got Miss Maxwell Becomes a Mom, book one of Donna Clayton’s new miniseries, THE SINGLE DADDY CLUB. And Alice Sharpe’s Missing: One Bride is book one of our SURPRISE BRIDES trio, three irresistible books by three wonderful authors about very unusual wedding situations.

Rounding out the month is Jodi O’Donnell’s newest title, Real Marriage Material, in which a sexy man of the land gets tamed. Robin Wells’s Husband and Wife…Again tells the tale of a divorced couple reuniting in a delightful way. And finally, in Daddy for Hire by Joey Light, a hunk of a man becomes the most muscular nanny there ever was, all for love of his little girl.

Enjoy Diana Palmer’s Mystery Man and all of our wonderful books this month. There’s just no better way to start off springtime than with six books bursting with love!


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Missing: One Bride

Alice Sharpe


This Book is Dedicated to My Most Loyal and

Supportive Fan, My Mother, Mary R. LeVelle

A special thanks to Carolyn Deaton, Evelyn Lemon,

Carolyn Moore and Pam Kreitzberg


met her husband-to-be on a cold, foggy beach in Northern California. One year later they were married. Their union has survived the rearing of two children, a handful of earthquakes registering over 6.5, numerous cats and a few special dogs, the latest of which is a yellow Lab named Annie Rose. Alice and her husband now live in a small rural town in Oregon, where she devotes the majority of her time to pursuing her second love, writing.

It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Early-June roses climbed the high rock walls of the enclosed garden; the sky was watercolor blue, the air sweet and warm. Eighty-eight people sat expectantly in white wooden chairs that were laced with nosegays of orange blossoms, forget-me-nots and pale yellow ribbons. A string quartet stood beneath a white-and-mint-striped awning, their gentle music floating out over the heads of the invited guests.

A perfect day for a wedding except for the fact that the bride was a no-show.

Alexandra Williams stood off to one side, partly hidden by a row of potted rose trees. As the sole member of the bride’s wedding party, she was dressed in a pale yellow gown, a color so subtle, it almost didn’t exist. She held a small frilly umbrella, which to her mind made her look like an extra on the set of Gone With the Wind The handle of the worthless umbrella was encrusted with roses and ribbons. She’d done this herself; in fact, she’d created all the floral pieces that decorated the tables and chairs. She’d stayed late at the floral shop where she worked, up half the night as a favor for Natalie, the bride.

Speaking of Natalie…where in the world was she? Well, seeing as she was late for work half the time and tended to cancel appointments by simply not showing up, Alex supposed Natalie being late for her own wedding shouldn’t come as too big a surprise.

Alex wasn’t wearing a watch, so she wasn’t sure exactly how late the ceremony was, just that the “moment” had come and gone. She glanced in the direction of the minister, who was standing by the groom’s family. He was studying his watch, then darting quick looks toward the French doors leading from the house. He didn’t cast the bride’s family any loaded looks for the simple reason that the bride didn’t have much family and what she did have wasn’t there.

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