One Bride: Baby Included

One Bride: Baby Included
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George Bentley had mastered the art of negotiation, so he recognized his mother's "favor-for-a-friend" plea for what it was: matchmaking. Worse, the favor was Amy Richards, a girl who'd been oil to his water once.Now, to his shock, George found himself wanting to spend 24/7 with the spirited beauty instead of on business–especially when he learned why she'd unexpectedly relocated.Amy was expecting.Suddenly, George's urge to care for Amy and her fatherless child rivaled his urge to climb the corporate ladder, making him wonder if his mother's wedding wish wasn't so off-the-wall. With Amy, George had bride and baby all lined up. Now all they needed was love….

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The thought of Amy in bed aroused the kind of sensation that was definitely off-limits.

Thank God she didn’t know what being close to her did to him.

This wasn’t the old days. Amy was no longer the skinny, smart-mouthed kid who had defied him when all he’d been trying to do was keep her out of trouble. She was a woman, in every sense of the word.

A pregnant woman, true, but that just made her all the more desirable. He wanted to protect her, to nurture her, to be there for her in every way possible. And the possibility that it might not be what she wanted drove him nuts.

Damn. The only good thing about this whole day was the fact that his dinner meeting had been a huge success. He was on his way to the top. And that was all that truly mattered.

Wasn’t it?

Dear Reader,

My, how time flies! I still remember the excitement of becoming Senior Editor for Silhouette Romance and the thrill of working with these wonderful authors and stories on a regular basis. My duties have recently changed, and I’m going to miss being privileged to read these stories before anyone else. But don’t worry, I’ll still be reading the published books! I don’t think there’s anything as reassuring, affirming and altogether delightful as curling up with a bunch of Silhouette Romance novels and dreaming the day away. So know that I’m joining you, even though Mavis Allen will have the pleasure of guiding the line now.

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Longtime favorite authors are also back. Julianna Morris brings us The Right Twin for Him (SR #1676) and Doreen Roberts delivers One Bride: Baby Included (SR #1673). And we’ve got two authors new to the line—one of whom is new to writing! RITA® Award-winning author Angie Ray’s newest book, You’re Marrying Her?, is a fast-paced funny story about a woman who doesn’t like her best friend’s fiancée. And Patricia Mae White’s first novel is about a guy who wants a little help in appealing to the right woman. Here Practice Makes Mr. Perfect (SR #1677).

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One Bride: Baby Included

Doreen Roberts

To my wonderful editor, Lynda Curnyn, whose constant encouragement and loyalty helped put me back in the game. My deepest thanks.

And to my husband, Bill. Without your support, understanding, infinite patience and unswerving belief in me, I would have given up. “Thank you” simply isn’t enough. I love you.

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lives with her husband, who is also her manager and her biggest fan, in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. She believes that everyone should have a little adventure now and again to add interest to their lives. She believes in taking risks and has been known to embark on an adventure or two of her own. She is happiest, however, when she is creating stories about the biggest adventure of all—falling in love and learning to live happily ever after.

Dear Reader,

From the very first moment Amy Richards popped into my head, I knew she was special. Independent and free-spirited, she seemed like any other young woman seeking a new beginning. Yet Amy had a secret that could drastically change her life. In spite of her determination to go it alone, she needed someone strong to be there for her. I rejected many eager suitors until along came George.

George was a confirmed bachelor—the strong silent type. Married to his job, he didn’t have time for frivolous pursuits. He didn’t have time to baby-sit the scatterbrained brat who’d made his young life miserable with her teasing. He didn’t have time for Amy. Period.

Well, I tell you, I had an awful time getting these two together. They fought me all the way, and then something happened that neither of them had counted on. This is their story. I hope you enjoy it.

You can tell me what you think by writing to me at [email protected]. I’m always thrilled to hear from my fans. I promise I’ll answer, and I thank you. Amy and George thank you, too.

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