Solving the Mysterious Stranger

Solving the Mysterious Stranger
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Experience the thrill of life on the edge and set your adrenalin pumping! These gripping stories see heroic characters fight for survival and find love in the face of danger.Saving the heiress, losing his heart… For three years secret agent Cole had worked to infiltrate a terrorist organisation. Now, after just one night in the small coastal village of Raven’s Cliff, he had come upon a very sexy hitch in his plans: Amelia Hopkins.The beautiful heiress was a distraction he never considered – until she became a hostage and Cole suddenly had a lot more to lose. After all, safeguarding a nation was part of his training. But falling for his captive was something no one could have prepared him for.THE CURSE OF RAVEN’S CLIFF – A small town with sinister secrets…


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“Do you trust me, Amelia?”

Cole watched Amelia’s face. He knew by looking at her what she was going through. Her expression mirrored her feelings as they churned and morphed inside her. She’d gone from shock to disbelief to doubt to uncertainty.

And that’s where she was right now. She wasn’t sure if she could believe everything he’d just told her, much less trust him.

He understood perfectly. The mission depended on whether he was telling the truth. But he couldn’t tell her everything. Not yet. For her own safety and the safety of the people of Raven’s Cliff.

“I don’t have a choice, do I?”

“You always have a choice.”

He watched her and waited, knowing how much depended on her answer.

“I’ll trust you, Cole Robinson.”

He nodded in relief, proud of her for being so brave.

Knowing full well he had no choice either: he had to trust her.


Mallory Kane credits her love of books to her mother, a librarian, who taught her that books are a precious resource and should be treated with loving respect. Her father and grandfather were steeped in the southern tradition of oral history, and could hold an audience spellbound for hours with their storytelling skills. Mallory aspires to be as good a storyteller as her father.

She loves romantic suspense with dangerous heroes and dauntless heroines, and often uses her medical background to add an extra dose of intrigue to her books. Another fascination that she enjoys exploring in her reading and writing is the infinite capacity of the brain to adapt and develop higher skills.

Mallory lives in Mississippi with her computer-genius husband, their two fascinating cats, and, at current count, seven computers.

She loves to hear from readers. You can write to her at [email protected].


Cole Robinson – This undercover Homeland Security Agent will sacrifice his life if necessary to stop a ruthless domestic terrorist. But when his mission endangers a brave and vulnerable young woman and her town, Cole discovers he has something to live for.

Amelia Hopkins – She’s dedicated her life to her father and to Hopkins Boat Works. But when she’s abducted by a mysterious stranger who’s in league with terrorists, Amelia’s life – and heart – are turned upside down.

Reginald Hopkins – Amelia’s father is a brilliant designer, but since his heart attack he hasn’t created a new yacht design. With Reginald unable to carry out Chien Fou’s plan, will his life and the lives of everyone in Raven’s Cliff be forfeit?

The Fortune Teller – Who is this mysterious woman who knows everything about Cole and Amelia, and whose cryptic words prophesy love – or doom?

Chien Fou – The ruthless domestic terrorist who has named himself “Mad Dog” plans to destroy America’s economy, and anyone who impedes him risks his very life.

Ross Fancher – This ambitious young man is interested in Amelia, but he’s in Chien Fou’s way.

Mayor Wells – His political ambitions have put him in the pockets of criminals and have endangered the town. Now it appears he’s in league with the terrorists. Is he ready to sacrifice the town and even his daughter to gain his own ends?

Camille Wells – The mayor’s daughter is in a coma, watched over not only by her parents, but by a shadowy figure who only shows up in the dark of night.

Solving the

Mysterious Stranger


For Allison and the great group of authors with

whom I was privileged to work.

Chapter One

“There is a pall cast over this town. Your destiny andthe destiny of Raven’s Cliff are entwined like lovers.”

Amelia Hopkins tried to pull her hand away from the fortune-teller’s red-tipped fingers, but the woman’s grip was surprisingly strong.

“Maybe you haven’t heard,” Amelia said, “but the Seaside Strangler is dead and the poisoned fish are gone. Even the mayor’s daughter, who’s been missing for months, has been found alive. There is no pall.”

As she talked, she studied the woman’s face, trying to see beneath the layers of stage makeup. She was surprised that she didn’t recognize her. She knew almost everyone in Raven’s Cliff.

“I thought you were going to tell me about meeting the man of my dreams.”

Her friends Carrie and Rita had come out of the fortune-teller’s shadowy booth with promises of love and marriage, beautiful babies and happily-ever-after. No warnings of doom and gloom. No ominous, cryptic predictions.

Amelia had tried to refuse to have her fortune read. But her friends had insisted.

Fortune-tellers. Crystal balls. Palm reading. All woo-woo tricks designed to provide a moment’s distraction and to part people from their hard-earned money.

Although she’d loaned the mayor’s assistant her stage makeup case, which had seen years of use in the small dinner theater in town and had funded a large part of the boat festival, she’d refused to play fortune-teller.

She didn’t have time for such nonsense. She had a business to run.

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