Taming The Beast

Taming The Beast
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Summoned like a serving girl to the king, Laura Cambridge was hired as nanny to Richard Blackthorne' s secret child. Rumors about this hulking recluse didn' t daunt Laura– her beauty-queen past had taught her the inner person didn' t always match the facade. But Richard' s heart was as painfully scarred as his chiseled features… .To Richard, lovely Laura was like candy dangled in front of a baby– he was offered the sweet, but denied the taste. Yet sometimes grizzly bears enjoyed a taste of honey… and in fiction the disfigured Mr. Rochester won the love of Jane Eyre. So Richard dared to woo his green-eyed goddess, gambling that– like Jane– Laura would one day declare, " Reader, I married him."

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Friend. Nanny. Stand-In Bride.

When a man needs the touches only a woman can provide… he turns to Wife Incorporated!

“Smart And Beautiful.”

Laura felt her feathers rise. Did everyone have to mention her face in the first ten seconds of conversation? “Want a cookie?”

“No, thank you.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t like chocolate-chip cookies?”


“Aah, you won’t come into the light to get one.”


“What else do you deny yourself because you choose to stay in the dark, Mr. Blackthorne?” With her last word, she tossed a cookie in his direction. His hand shot into the light, snatching it from the air.

“And what will you deny your daughter?”

He scoffed. “You know nothing of me, beauty queen.”

“You’re right, I don’t. Just as you know nothing of me…beast.”

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Taming the Beast

Amy J. Fetzer



was born in New England and raised all over the world. She uses her own experiences in creating the characters and settings for her novels. Married more than twenty years to a United States Marine and the mother of two sons, Amy covets the moments when she can curl up with a cup of cappuccino and a good book.

Dedicated with love to my oldest son, Nickolas

For “squishy” hugs and “mambo with me” moments. For never being afraid to kiss me in front of your friends. For making me laugh, really listening when I lectured, and wanting this one for yourself. You’re a real gentleman, Nick, and you’ve made me very proud.

You’re destined to be a true hero.

I love you.


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Laura Cambridge looked up at the gray stone castle and wondered what she’d find inside. Prince Charming or the dragon?

The dragon most likely, she thought, if there was any truth to the gossip the townsfolk were more than willing to share during the ferry ride to this beautiful little island. Did Richard Blackthorne know how much he was feared, she wondered, her gaze moving over the ominous stones and the arched windows as the cab proceeded up the steep driveway. Lord, the structure even had turrets and crenellations. And a tower.

Laura saw only the loneliness of it all.

“Ma’am,” the driver said when he stopped before the huge house. “You sure you’re supposed to be here?”

Why did everyone in this little island village ask that, as if she were walking to her execution? Blackthorne was just a man, for pity’s sake. “Oh, yes, I’m sure, Mr. Pinkney,” she said, without looking at the middle-aged cabdriver.

“Mr. Blackthorne ain’t exactly the most congenial sort, you know.”

“With everyone acting as if he’d take a bite out of them, it’s a wonder, don’t you think?” She looked at him now, arching a brow.

He reddened a bit, then looked back at the house. “Idea had to come from somewheres,” he drawled, then rolled out of the driver’s seat to get her bags.

Laura left the car, walking with him up the steep front steps.

Summoned like a serf to the king, she had been hired to help Richard Blackthorne’s four-year-old daughter adjust to living here. To living with a recluse, a man locked in a castle and shielded from any human contact. Oh, this was going to take some work, she thought, for she knew from the gossip that no one had set foot inside this house, except delivery personnel, in four years. Laura felt instant pity for the little girl, who’d just lost her mother and had been kept from her father. Laura was here early to grow accustomed to the surroundings before the child arrived.

Mr. Pinkney set her bags down. She turned to pay the man and found him jotting something down on a slip of paper. As she handed him the fare, he handed her the paper.

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