The Pirate Hunter

The Pirate Hunter
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A forbidden attraction in Paradise!Shipwrecked off the coast of Barbados, pirate hunter William Greenacre is ready to surrender to the seductive pull of the sea when an angelic figure dives to his rescue. Except this angel is none other than Mia Del Torres – and she’s a wanted woman!To escape imprisonment Mia must set sail with Will on his mission of revenge and help track down her brother, the formidable Captain Jorge Del Torres. By rights she should hate Will, and yet below deck their passion ignites. But, when the hunters become the hunted, will their newly forged connection be enough to save them both?

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Arm in arm, they staggered along the sand.

Mia could feel the warmth of his body as it brushed against hers and couldn’t help but remember the feel of his chest underneath her hands.

‘Stop it,’ she muttered to herself.

Will stopped suddenly, causing her to careen into him. She suspected normally he would be able to withstand the force of a small woman travelling at such a slow speed, but in his weakened state his knees buckled and he fell to the ground. Mia tried to pull her arm from his, but was too slow. She felt her feet stumble, followed by the inevitable fall towards the ground.

She landed squarely on top of him, her nose touching his.

‘Ooof…’ he said quietly.

Stunned, Mia couldn’t move for an instant. She could feel the hard muscles of his chest pushing against her breasts. Their legs were tangled together and their lips so close that just a small twitch and they would be kissing. She tried not to notice how his hips were pushed up against hers, but couldn’t deny the heat that rose through her body in response to his closeness.

‘Mia,’ he murmured. ‘My angel.’

The Caribbean: over seven thousand islands, with lush interiors, golden sandy beaches and clear blue seas, inhabited by people with an eclectic mix of cultures and backgrounds. When I visited the Caribbean for the first time on my honeymoon in 2013 I, like so many others before me, fell in love immediately. Each and every island I explored had its own unique ambience, traditions and history, but one thing united them all: piracy.

Between the mid-sixteenth and early nineteenth centuries the Caribbean was not a safe place to live—especially if you earned your living at sea. Pirate attacks on merchant ships were common, and devastating town raids were also a constant threat for those living on the Caribbean islands. As the eighteenth century dawned the issue of piracy did not go unnoticed by the European political and military leaders, and there was a push to clean up the Caribbean. The number of Spanish and English Naval ships posted to the area dramatically increased and slowly many of the pirates were hunted down. By the mid-eighteenth century there were only a few pirates left capable of evading the British Navy. This time of change seemed the perfect backdrop for THE PIRATE HUNTER.

In the process of my research I became fascinated by the people who lived in the Caribbean; on the one hand they were surrounded by natural beauty, but on the other they were constantly under threat from piracy. Therefore I think it is important to say that, although the characters and events portrayed in THE PIRATE HUNTER are completely fictional, I have endeavoured to depict the setting and atmosphere as accurately as possible, to give a true sense of the Caribbean at the time.

The Pirate


Laura Martin

LAURA MARTIN was born and bred on the South Coast of England into a family of two loving parents and a spirited older sister. Books were a feature of her life from early on. One of her earliest memories involves sitting with the family on a rainy Sunday afternoon, listening to the exploits of a clumsy but lovable stuffed bear and his assorted cuddly friends.

Laura’s first ambition was to be a doctor, and in 2006 she went off to Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’s Medical School in London to study medicine. It was whilst she was earning her degree that she discovered her love of writing. In between ward rounds and lectures Laura would scribble down ideas to work on later that evening and dream of being an author.

In 2012 Laura married her high school sweetheart, and together they settled down in Cambridgeshire. It was around this time that Laura started focussing on the Romance genre, and found what she had always suspected to be true: she was a romantic at heart. Laura now spends her time writing Historical Romances when not working as a doctor.

In her spare moments Laura loves to lose herself in a book, and has been known to read from cover to cover in a day when the story is particularly gripping. She also loves to travel with her husband, especially enjoying visiting historical sites and far-flung shores.

This is Laura Martin’s fabulous, swashbuckling debut novel for Mills & Boon Historical Romance!

For Luke, my spider-catching, dinner-making, crocodile-fighting, modern-day hero.

Chapter One

‘Secure the rigging.’ The Captain’s voice was half carried away by the wind, his orders sounding like an exaggerated whisper.

Will slipped across the treacherous deck as the ship rolled from side to side, trying desperately to keep his feet, knowing one mistake would be all it took to plunge him into the stormy sea.

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