The Seal's Surrender

The Seal's Surrender
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He'd slipped in and out of hostile nations, stared down enemy guns. But Chance Barnett Connelly, navy SEAL, didn't know fear till he was caught in the sights of one petite, green-eyed single mom.Jennifer Anderson sent a jolt of desire through the long-lost Connelly son, one that begged to be satisfied. With his navy whites, tanned skin and killer good looks, Chance always got what he wanted. But while Jennifer and her adorable baby let him into their home, she vowed he'd never get into their hearts. This time the things Chance wanted just might be out of his control–a place to call home…a woman to come home to…a family.


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April: Seems the Connelly clan is full of surprises. The Chicago “royal family” just got bigger last week, when two long-lost illegitimate sons of Grant Connelly were welcomed into the fold. Wife Emma, ever the gracious hostess, held a party at their elaborate Lake Shore manor in honor of her new twin stepsons, Chance and Doug Barnett Connelly.

Grant may not have known of the twins’ existence until weeks ago, but the newest Connelly men are upholding the family’s noble traditions: Chance is a navy SEAL and Doug a respected Chicago doctor.

Rumor has it Chance is more than a bit uncomfortable in the concrete jungles of the Windy City, but is recuperating from a wound received on his last secret mission. That injury didn’t keep him from putting the moves on Emma Connelly’s social secretary, Jennifer Anderson, at the party last week. The spotlight-shy single mom was unavailable for comment—as would be yours truly, if over six feet of muscular male had set his sights in this direction!

The Connellys have been so much in the news these last few months that one can’t help but wonder what other secrets the family could be hiding in their walk-in closets….

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The Seal’s Surrender

Maureen Child

To Sandra Paul, Barbara Benedict, Angie Ray and Michelle Thorne: Thank you for the ambush and for my tiara. You guys are the best.


was born and raised in Southern California and is the only person she knows who longs for an occasional change of season. She is delighted to be writing for Silhouette Books and is especially excited to be a part of the Desire line.

An avid reader, Maureen looks forward to those rare rainy California days when she can curl up and sink into a good book. Or two. When she isn’t busy writing, she and her husband of twenty-five years like to travel, leaving their two grown children in charge of the neurotic golden retriever who is the real head of the household. Maureen is also an award-winning historical writer under the names of Kathleen Kane and Ann Carberry.


Meet the Connellys of Chicago—wealthy, powerful and rocked by scandal, betrayal…and passion!


Chance Barnett Connelly—If it weren’t for his twin brother, this lone-wolf navy SEAL would never have tried to find his long-lost father, Grant Connelly. Chance had no idea what it was to be part of a family, especially the powerful, influential Connellys.

Jennifer Anderson—Ever since her husband was killed, she had been both a mother and a father to her baby girl. But meeting Chance made her long to remember what it had been like to be a woman….

Grant and Emma Connelly—True love allowed them to welcome home the twins from Grant’s long-ago affair. But did their happiness blind them to a miscreant in their midst—one bent on seeking revenge on the Connellys?


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He hated parties.

Give Chance Barnett a machine gun, and he was a happy man. Tell him to mingle, and you got a mean dog on a short leash.

But, Chance told himself, sometimes a man just had to bite the proverbial bullet. And this was a big one, in his humble opinion. Hell, it was damn near a mortar round.

He clutched his bottle of imported beer in a tight fist and made his way around the periphery of the party. His gaze narrowed slightly as he silently assessed his new family. A hell of a way to meet the relatives, he told himself, yet couldn’t think of a better way to handle it.

There probably wasn’t a good way to introduce him and his twin, Douglas, to the rest of the Connellys. Though to give them their due, they’d all taken the news of the twins’ existence a lot easier than they might have. After all, it wasn’t every day you met thirty-six-year-old illegitimate twin relatives, was it?

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