My House Or Yours?

My House Or Yours?
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MARRY ME… AGAIN!Josephine Morris hadn't seen her ex-husband in almost four years when the storm of the decade hit. Suddenly they were stranded in the last hotel room in Dallas - together. Chad Wilkins had been a master in the bedroom, and now the seducing scoundrel was intent on wooing her back into his life - and his bed!He swore that he'd changed. And a horrified Jo was this close to succumbing. Jo knew she should be strong, but how could she resist a veritable force of nature? And what would she do when her relentless ex decided he was ready to play house - full-time?

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There, In The Doorway, Stood Chad.

He smiled across the room at his stunned ex-wife and said, “May I come inside out of the rain?” How like him to intrude back into her life this way! Jo couldn’t form a single word; she was in shock.

He smiled as a man does whose life is beyond his control. “I’ve taken a leave of absence and moved up here.”

In stark horror, Jo uttered a guttural, “No!”

“If it’s okay with you, I’ll leave these wet things down here tonight. Are we roomies?”

“No!” she gasped. But Chad clearly had other ideas…

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My House Or Yours?

Lass Small


finds living on this planet at this time a fascinating experience. People are amazing. She thinks that to be a teller of tales of people, places and things is absolutely marvelous. This is Lass’s 40th book for Silhouette!

To my new editor, Marcia Book Adirim, a.k.a. “Mab.”

That late-January day, the Dallas-Fort Worth airport was jammed. The weather there was TEXAS weather and marvelous, as usual. But north of TEXAS just about all the airports clear across most of the United States were closed because of The Storm.

In the complex, where one pack of delayed passengers stood, there was the under-sound of people moving and talking and complaining. It was like a muted roar. Here and there a single voice surfaced and like a fish leaping from turbulent waters can be seen, the sound of restless people could be heard.

The question was asked by one of the ski people, “Did you hear anything about Colorado?”

Across heads, the replying voice was sour with the reply. “Snowed under.”

Another voice then inquired, “Well, what do you expect this time of year?”

There’s always someone logical who is exceptionally distasteful to be around at a time like that.

From a relentless optimist, there was the comment, “When you get to the slopes, there’ll be just that much more snow!”

A good attitude.

Then a male voice called over the packed heads, “How’s Chicago? I can’t see the board from here.”

A female who was closer to the board complained crossly, “Socked in.”

Some clown commented in surprise, “They ski in Chicago?”

And from farther back in the crowd, a voice said crossly, “I didn’t take time off work in order to sleep on a chair or on the floor in an airport.”

Since Jo Morris was a seasoned air traveler, she was not perturbed. With her brown eyes, she was a cool, collected, twenty-eight-year-old. She was a flexible woman who could handle any unexpected situation. Well, most.

She was a program problem-solver for one of the awesome computer greats. She really knew computers. She’d been on the first wave at fourteen with an Apple II Plus.

“Attention, please.” The voice was wonderfully male. It was the Do Not Fear. I Am In Control-type voice. He was at one of the flight counters. He had all their attentions.

He was a marvelous-looking, well-made man in a perfect uniform who was asking the muttering crowd to listen to him. He’d had all the female attention right away.

No one in the trapped pack believed there was any solution. They were mostly restless and disappointed, and some were sulky, but they all quieted down.

It was unarguable that the airport had no control over the weather that was lousing up other airports someplace else. Or even if by some miracle bad weather sneaked into TEXAS, who could control weather? So why would anyone be angry with the airport personnel?

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