Sleeping With The Enemy

Sleeping With The Enemy
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FBI agent Chase Bracken has the unsavory job of tracking down a rogue agent.His only solid lead is the guy's sister, sexy Dr. Dee Romine. Working undercover, Bracken will do anything to get his man…or woman. Including making love to the delectable doctor. Dee is overwhelmed by the new "high school coach" in town. Chase seems to have infiltrated her life, her senses, her body…in a short time.She's breaking her own rules and letting emotion sway her. And Dee's certain he's doing the same. Yet something doesn't add up. Could she be sleeping with the enemy?

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“You said all I had to do was say yes,” she told him, wreathing her arms around his neck. “Don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind already?”

“I wouldn’t exactly say that.” Chase settled his hands on her hips and turned, lifting her onto the kitchen counter.

She caressed his thick, wavy hair and guided his mouth toward hers. “What would you say?” she asked him.

“I’d say, what took you so long?”

Before she could respond, his mouth slanted over hers in a searing, toe-curling kiss.

“I want to feast on you,” he murmured against her skin.

“Hmm. Sounds…intense.”

“Do you like it…intense?”

“I like it hot,” she said, her voice a breathless whisper.

His fingers worked the buttons of her blouse. “Just hot?” His hands traced a slow trail along her skin, over her rib cage and upward to cup her breasts.

“The hotter, the better.”

Dear Reader,

Harlequin Blaze is a supersexy new series. If you like love stories with a strong sexual edge then this is the line for you! The books are fun and flirtatious, the heroes are hot and outrageous. Blaze is a series for the woman who wants more in her reading pleasure….

This month bestselling Harlequin Presents author Miranda Lee delivers #9 Just a Little Sex…about one night of passion that turns into much more! Rising star Jamie Denton says you need to break the rules in #10 Sleeping With the Enemy, a story with sizzling sexual tension and erotic love scenes. Talented Isabel Sharpe takes us to #11 The Wild Side, a fun, lusty tale about a good girl who decides bad might be better. Popular Janelle Denison rounds out the month with #12 Heat Waves, another SEXY CITY NIGHTS story set in fiery Chicago—where the heat definitely escalates after dark….

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Birgit Davis-Todd

Senior Editor & Editorial Coordinator

Harlequin Blaze

Sleeping with the Enemy

Jamie Denton

For Birgit Davis-Todd and Ethan Ellenberg

Thank you for accompanying me and guiding me

through every step of this incredible journey.

As always,



When I received the call from my editor asking me to become a part of the new Harlequin Blaze line, it was like a dream come true. Writing for Temptation has been, and still is, one of the highlights of my career, but here was an opportunity to be able to expand upon the sexy books I love to write and create a character who doesn’t exactly fit into the norm. The result of this exciting new endeavor is deep cover FBI agent Chase Bracken.

Chase is a loner, a trait that makes him the perfect man for the worst assignment the FBI has to offer—to bring in a fellow deep cover agent gone bad. But his only link to solving the case is the agent’s sister, Destiny “Dee” Romine. Dee has her own secrets, but Chase always gets his man…or woman, even if it means Sleeping With the Enemy.

I hope you enjoy Chase and Dee’s romance. Be sure to look for the sexy sequel, Seduced By the Enemy, coming in 2002 from Harlequin Blaze. You wouldn’t want to miss Jared Romine and Justice Department attorney Peyton Douglas’s rocky road to romance as they’re forced to work together to clear Jared’s name, provided they can work through their past.

I love to hear from readers! You can send me e-mail at [email protected] or write me at P.O. Box 224, Mohall, North Dakota 58761.

Until next time,

Jamie Denton


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THEY KNEW SHE WAS HIS ONLY weakness. They knew, and they hovered like vultures, waiting.

Dee clutched the single, bloodred rose to her chest, breathing in the intoxicating perfume while struggling against the instincts screaming inside her to stand up and search the crowd gathered beneath the sun-drenched southern California sky. She couldn’t. Not without risking his life. Not without letting the bastards know he was there. For her.

He should have known better than to come here. She could just imagine her brother’s determination, but the University of California at Los Angeles wasn’t some Podunk medical school. The governor would be addressing the graduates momentarily and security was tight, the campus literally crawling with federal agents and secret service men. Yet, somehow, someway, Jared Romine had taken a great risk to let his little sister know he was proud of her.

The valedictorian took the stage for his address to UCLA’s graduating class. The speech could have easily been hers, if she hadn’t intentionally thrown a couple of classes so as not to draw too much attention to herself for Jared’s sake. The Feds would’ve had a field day, she thought with an uncharacteristic flare of rebellion. And her brother would have loved the irony—rogue agent Jared Romine’s little sister, valedictorian.

She let out a slow even breath and looked in all the obscure places she possibly could without craning her neck or drawing attention to herself. Her brother wouldn’t be sitting in the crowd with the other family and friends of the graduates from one of the country’s top medical schools. No, Jared could be posing as anyone from building security to a janitor sweeping the walk, to the guy testing the sound equipment prior to commencement and no one, not even his fellow agents would know he’d been within their grasp until it was too late.

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